What Happened to Ipsy?

A couple years ago, I felt that I needed to expand my makeup horizons and try out some new brands/products that were totally foreign to me. Since good quality makeup can be ridiculously expensive, I made the decision to set up an account for a makeup subscription. 

Enter Ipsy, a makeup subscription/shopping site that I immediately fell in love with. Basically, you logged onto the website and take a beauty preferences quiz in which they asked you about your skin tone, hair color, eye color, skin type, hair type, etc. and your preferences when it comes to shades and product types. Then you would pay $10 every month to receive a super cute makeup bag filled with 5 sample products (many times, full-sized due to the fact that not every brand makes sample sizes!) specifically personalized to your beauty quiz. Each makeup bag was designed to fit the ~theme~ for that month and the website would explain what products you were receiving, how you use them, and any other details you could possibly ask for.

However, Ipsy has undergone some changes within the past few months… and I’m not sure how I feel about it. 

Actually, scratch that. I am sure how I feel about it. I hate it. Period.

First of all, they introduced what is called the “Glam Bag Plus,” where you get 5 full sized products for $25 a month. I’ve been swamped with emails trying to get me to come to the dark side. Ever since they began pushing this, the value of the regular Glam Bag has totally decreased, so I’m no longer receiving as high quality of products as I used to receive. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, now Ipsy offers a Glam Bag uLtiMaTe!!!1!1!! 

(So sorry for the sarcasm and sassiness. I’m clearly bitter about the whole situation.)

The Glam Bag Ultimate offers 12 full-size beauty products for $50 a month. Yes, this sounds like a great deal, but I’m as broke as a joke rn. 

Since introducing these new Glam Bag options, they have now up-ed the price of the regular bag to $12 a month. Being the stubborn person I am, I switched my plan to the every-other-month plan out of protest. That’ll show ‘em!

Overall, I’m just sad that instead of feeling like the valued customer I used to be, I’m now a wee-little “regular” member of this subscription. This is pretty much just a rant piece, so excuse me while I wallow in self-pity.


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