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Top Health Apps

Your phone could be your best asset when it comes to staying healthy. Whether you are working on eating
healthier or trying to exercise more, downloading a simple app on your phone is a fast and easy way to help you along the way.

Here are five free apps to download now to get started achieving your health goals.

My Fitness Pal

This app is five-star rated, and was Wired Magazine’s Editors Pick for lifestyle apps. It’s kind of your all-in-one app. You can set goals, as well as track your calorie intake and your workouts. Did I mention it’s free?

Nike Training Club

Nike offers several different apps for exercising, but this one is tailored to women. Like most fitness apps, you set your goal and then you pick from 85 custom workouts. The cool part with this app is how you can set your workout to a music playlist. Music makes any workout better.


For the runners out there, MapMyRUN is another top-rated app in the app stores. You can track the route that you run, as well as log things such as pace, calories burned, and distance. If you are in the mood to brag, you can post your run information to your social media sites.

Yoga Free

And for those who practice yoga, there is the Yoga Free app. It has 250 poses and a variety of classes for you to choose from. The app includes its own tunes, but you can also play your own music while using the app.


This app comes in handy while you are grocery shopping. If you aren’t sure if something really is good for you, then you just scan the barcode, and the app will do the research for you. It gives each product a grade and gives you the important nutrition information whether good or bad.

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