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Top 5 Clothing Pieces You Need for Your Fall Semester

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KU chapter.

Wondering what to pack this semester? Look no further!

Starting to pack for college can be a stressful and time-consuming process.  Whether it’s downsizing your closet, packing for a new climate, or simply not knowing what to bring, it can cause a lot of anxiety. This article will break down a few key basics you will need for your first semester at college. 

A Good Pair of Neutral Walking Shoes 

Walking is a big part of the college experience. Walking two to three miles daily from dorms to campus to classes will become very normal. A good pair of neutral-colored, comfortable, and versatile shoes is necessary. Reeboks, New Balances, Hokas, and Allbirds are good brands with comfortable, reliable, and cute shoes that will get you from class to study groups to those crazy home games with no blisters. Choosing a versatile color is a good idea as well. Black, white, gray, and tan will match your everyday outfits. 

A Good Down Jacket 

Depending on your college’s local climate, this clothing article may be optional, but not in Kansas. A good quality down feather jacket will be helpful during your fall and spring semesters. Thanks to its thin and breathable material, it will help keep you warm, while not overheated. Patagonia, The North Face, L.L. Bean, and R.E.I. are good places to look for these jackets. Down jackets also compress well, which makes them easy to toss in your backpack or suitcase without taking up too much space. Many of them are also water resistant, making them a good idea for those rainy or snowy walks to class. 

A Comfortable Pair of Leggings

Let’s face it: no one likes to wear jeans all day. A comfortable, stretchy, breathable pair of leggings will become your new best friend in college. Avoid compression or running leggings if you want a more breathable option, especially when sitting down for long periods in class. Lululemon, Aerie, Athleta, and Alo are excellent brands with a wide selection of buttery soft leggings. Depending on the day and your mood, you can dress your leggings up or down. Throwing on a fun graphic tee and sneakers is a classic go-to fit, but a cute sweater and boots are a great transition for a cozy fall outfit!

Basic T-Shirts

Basics are called basics because they are solid go-to pieces that help define and shape an outfit. Having a couple of good, neutral-colored t-shirts in your closet will save you time and energy when pairing an outfit together in the morning. Classic colors like black, white, and gray are functional and help with layering outfits as the seasons change. A school-colored T-shirt is also a smart way to show that school pride without compromising your style! Red and blue are not traditional neutral colors, but you would be surprised by their versatility. Opting for a more breathable fabric will also help if you are prone to sweating. Fabrics such as cotton, polyester, and nylon are all good choices to reach for.  Old Navy, American Eagle, TJ Maxx, and Target are good places to pick up these basic tees for an agreeable price. 

A Fun Hoodie/Sweatshirt

The last and final clothing piece you will need for college is a good, fun hoodie! Classrooms can be chilly, especially if you’re there for three hours. If you’re cold and uncomfortable, it can be a big distraction during an important lecture. A good, soft hoodie in a fun color or design is necessary. Making sure to stay warm and cozy while walking to class, being in the library, or even just in your dorm will help you to feel more comfortable, focused, and relaxed. Hoodies are also a good way to express your individuality and personal style, while not compromising on comfort. A fun school logo, your favorite band, or a funky design that caught your eye are good choices for a specific hoodie or sweatshirt. Hoodies are also practical for the ever-changing weather that can happen on campus. If you get caught in a random rainstorm, you’ll be thankful you packed that hoodie in your bag. They can also serve as conversation starters; if someone likes the band you’re wearing, they might compliment you, and bam! You made a new friend all because of a cozy hoodie. Brands such as Gap, Forever 21, American Eagle, and even concert merch tables are ideal places to grab this piece. 

Packing for college is stressful, but these tips will give you insight into what to bring, what to expect, and how important comfortable and versatile basics are while at college. If you are anything like me, you will certainly overpack, but bringing just these few basics with your other items will serve you well in the long run. 

Felicia Ross is a Her Campus Writer at the Kansas Chapter. She is a sophomore at The University of Kansas, majoring in Journalism. She's been passionate about writing since childhood and is excited to share her pieces here with Her Campus. When she is not at school, Felicia enjoys reading, writing, traveling, and spending time with her puppy, Scarlet.