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Top 5 Christmas Songs To Get You In The Holiday Mood

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With December upon us, we now can enjoy the rest of the holiday season! Santa Claus letters, holiday sales, scents and flavors are here! What better way to celebrate than to listen to some awesome festive tunes? 

  1. Snowman 

I discovered this song last holiday season and have put it on my holiday playlist for posterity. Thank you, Sia! It’s an amazing track, perfect to bring in the holiday cheer! 

  1. What’s This? 

Nothing fills my heart with joy more than Jack, the Pumpkin King finding out about Christmas Town. Truly, Sandy Claws brought the magic to that town! 

  1. You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

Jim Carrey’s version, of course, is there any other version that matters? I don’t know about you but right after listening to this iconic tune, I’m up for a little jazzercise. 

  1. Jingle Bell Rock

Iconic Mean Girls moment, I don’t know of anything more hilarious in this whole film than getting kicked in the face by a stereo. We’re not wearing pink but red and green this year!  

  1. Dos Trocitos de Madera

Okay yes, this one is extremely self-indulgent; it’s not even in English, and most of the Spanish is combined with Paraguay’s second official language: Guarani. BUT hear me out, it’s an awesome holiday vibe (and who doesn’t want some cultural diversity in their holiday season?!).

Hopefully, this little holiday playlist can add some spice and joy to your festive season! Happy Holidays everyone!

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