Top 5 Best Face Masks For Oily Skin


Charcoal. Apple Cider Vinegar. Skin wraps. Pore strips. You name it, I’ve tried it. Growing up with oily, acne prone skin, I have tried almost everything in the book of skincare. Throughout my trials and tribulations, I have tested products that are as harsh as rubbing baking soda and lime juice on my bare face (for the love of god do not try this)  to as mild as rubbing ice cubes on my face before I go to bed to “minimize my pores”. As a result, I have familiarized myself with a variety of different face masks that make my skin glow without the oil and have significantly reduced the size of my pores. Therefore, here are my top 5 favorite face masks for oily skin:


  1. The Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask

Source: Amazon

This face mask is life changing to say the least. You mix the powder with apple cider vinegar or water and then apply it to your face. Upon application, the mask instantly begins to tingle and pulsate. When I first tried this I thought I was having a stroke because it worked so well and made my face feel as if it had a heartbeat. This mask is meant to minimize pores without overdrying the skin and it does wonders to the overall texture of your skin and minimizes breakouts.


  1. Dark Angels Facial Cleanser

Source: MakeUpAlley

Although this is technically a face wash, it can be used as a face mask too. This mask both cleanses and exfoliates the skin in order to reduce oil and allow the skin to grow naturally. In contrast to the Aztec mask, this a lot less harsh on the skin and leaves the skin with a soft glow. In order to use it as a face mask, mix the powder with water and then apply to the face. Let the mask sit for about 15 minutes in order for it to do its thing. This mask has done wonders for my acne and scarring!


  1. Cup O’Coffee Face and Body Mask

Source: Cosmopolitan

This morning joe for your face is unreal. Although it’s not directly marketed as mask for oily, acne prone skin, it has done wonders for mine. This mask is great exfoliant and also smells amazing. The naturally occurring caffeine is meant to invigorate the skin, which is seen through the healthy glow it gives the skin. In addition, it smooths the skin without letting it get too oily. 


  1. Yes to Tomatoes Charcoal Bubbling Face Mask

Source: Ulta

For all my fellow Target advocates, you are probably familiar with this one. Yes to Tomatoes’ Charcoal Bubbling Face Mask is fun and effective. The bubbling effect is fun to look at and is a nice, physical indicator that the mask is doing something to your skin. This mask is a bit messy, however it left my skin feeling soft and cleansed. Similarly to the other masks, the presence of charcoal deeply cleanses the skin without being a harsh, drying agent. 


  1. Mask of Magnaminty

Source: Pinterest

The final mask that I swear by for oily, acne prone skin is Lush’s “Mask of Magnaminty”. This face mask has peppermint oil that acts as a cooling agent to the skin. As well as the refreshing feeling of mint, this mask also has vanilla and honey to reduce inflammation and redness. This is the best smelling mask that I have ever used and made my skin radiant. I recommend this mask if you are going through a tough breakout or need a little bit more glow in the harsh winter months.