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Top 20 Ways to Annoy The Boyfriend

After asking multiple guys from KU, I have compiled a list of things a lot of girlfriends do that get on their boyfriends’ nerves. 

1. Blowing up his phone when he’s busy

Sending another text won’t make him look at his phone any quicker, honey.

2.  Taking way too long to get ready

Start getting ready early enough that you don’t have to make him wait on you for an hour and a half.

3. Blaming him for things that aren’t his fault/out of his control

You know it’s not always his fault. Admit it.

4. Calling yourself fat or ugly

He obviously thinks you are beautiful so he doesn’t want to hear anyone say any different. Not even you.

5. Expecting him to put in all of the effort

You are not too much of a princess to pick up some coffee for him “just because” every now and then.

6. Hating on his friends

These are people he cares about; at least try to like them. And if you don’t, judt don’t talk about/to them.

7. Being too clingy

Give him some room to miss you. It will do wonders for your relationship.

8. Creeping on his cell to make sure he isn’t cheating

If you are really that worried about it, just talk to him. If he’s lying, it will come out eventually without you stalking his texts.

9. Ending an argument with “k” or “whatever” 

You know how much you hate this. Guys feel the same way.

10. Saying “it’s nothing” when something is clearly wrong

You need to tell him what you want. As much as we’d like for boys to be psychic, they just aren’t. They need you to tell it to them straight so they can fix it. 

11. Being on and off with the relationship

If you can’t decide whether or not you want to be with him, the answer is probably no. Go find someone new.

12. Getting too flirty with other guys

Sometimes you do it on purpose; sometimes it’s a total accident. Just be self-aware so no one’s feelings get hurt.

13. Not deleting Tinder

If you’ve got your man, he doesn’t want to see an app that could be used to find a back-up. 

14. Not replying to texts when “Read Alerts” are on

We all hate this. Just don’t do it.

15. Trying to “fix” him

If you love him, accept that he has flaws without trying to fix them. You wouldn’t want him critiquing your bad habits. 

16. Revoking sex as a punishment

Guys hate it when you use sex as a tool to get what you want for obvious reasons. 

17. Taking advantage of him when you know he’s whipped

Even though you know he’d do anything for you, you should not ask him to do EVERYTHING for you.

18. Girls Nights Out…too many bad outcomes

Everyone knows these can get a little crazy. Your boy will worry, and it is most likely a rightful concern.

19. Uncalled for jealousy

You have guys who are friends, he has girls who are friends. Don’t let your petty jealousy ruin something good. 

20.  Taking away “Bro Time”

I know we already covered how much guys hate GNOs, but you have to admit, bro time in is not quite the same thing. Give him some time to hang out with the guys and watch his favorite sports team dominate or play video games. He will appreciate you so much for it.

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