Throwback Thursday: Top 3 Nintendo Wii Games of My Childhood

I am not much of a “gamer”, and still don't know how Fortnite works. However I would be lying if I said I have never played a video game. Growing up, I could be seen every once and awhile dabbling with the sleek white Wii and sticky remotes covered in syrup my brothers fondled every day. I didn't play often, because of my passion for Barbies, dolls, and painting each of my nails a different neon color, but my brothers and I would sometimes play a few games here and there when the chance arose. A good game of “Wii Sports” was in order following a round of trash talk at family dinners. Some great moments occured surrounded by the people I loved and holding a Wii remote wrapped around my wrist with that goofy attachment. There were some great games on the console, and these Wii games put the icing on the cake of throwback memories!


1. Wii Sports

Our first set of games came from Wii Sports, and my favorite part was creating the silly looking big-headed characters. No matter what mood you were in, there was always something to play. Whether you wanted to punch your brother or play some golf on a snowy day, Wii Sports had our back. Composed of five popular sports, (Boxing, Baseball, Bowling, Tennis, and Golf), this made it possible to have fun with any size group or an entire family wide contest.

2. Mario Kart

A instant classic game to say the least. We had to get the little steering wheels to prop up and hold our remotes, and would sit close enough to knock the plastic circle wheels against the other opponent to steer them from the course (especially the wild rainbow one)! Mario Kart had what it took to keep me glued to the TV for hours. A simple yet difficult concept, with fun creative maps and tricky banana peels to watch out for, this game would often lead to funny moments, arguing, and of course laughter!

3. Hannah Montana: Spotlight World Tour

Like most kids growing up, I enjoyed my fair share of Disney Channel television shows, and would often dream about what it would be like to be some of the characters with a closet the size of a kitchen. This game gave me the ability to fulfill that dream for a small shimmer of time, and for my birthday one year I was gifted the Hannah Montana video game, and I played that thing like it was real life!

The Wii was one of those staples of childhood that does not just dissipate into oblivion without a little bit of nostalgia. I don't think about the Wii and its games often, but, I think it is safe to say that I may be attempting to get my hands on one of these consoles before the end of the summer, just to relive some good times!