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While there may be no Fall TV premieres, there is still TV’s biggest night, The Emmys, every fall. After a stellar year for television with Sucession’s unforgettable second season to Euphoria’s trailblazing freshman year to a full on Reese Witherspoon domination, this year’s ceremony was a guaranteed can’t-miss event, with or without a global pandemic. 


When I think of Fall TV, I think about the early seasons of Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries circa 2007 and 2009. Drama. Heartthrobs. High school. Or even more recently, waiting all summer for Riverdale’s next ridiculous plotline. However, this year, we think of Fall TV with a sense of melancholy. While we do have streaming, it’s just not the same. And we do have to wait until 2021 for Riverdale’s fifth season. But thanks to the Television Academy’s craftiness, our favorite current shows may get a resurgence. I mean, once you see the Schitt’s Creek cast party and Zendaya’s priceless reaction, don’t lie and say you don’t feel a sudden urge to rewatch their now award-winning performances. 


I am that person that takes award shows very seriously. Especially those ceremonies awarding actors. So, this year, due to the incredible TV we had been given, I decided to make an official prediction list of who I thought should win, and who did win. Along with some award show highlights- like how about that Friends reunion? Keep reading to see how my predictions compared to the winners for each category this year. 


Here it is:

kimmy schmit tv gif
Netflix / Giphy



Leading Actor: 


Prediction: Michael Douglas (”The Kominisky Method”)


TBH, I didn’t watch any of the shows in this category, but I figured because he’s an Oscar winner.


Result: Eugene Levy (“Schitt’s Creek”)


I’ve never seen this show, but they had the cutest watch party.


Leading Actress:


Prediction: Rachel Brosnahan (“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”)


I love her in this show. Her standup is amazing and the signature Palladino quick energy is spot on. 


Result: Catherine O’hara (“Schitt’s Creek”)


Again, I’ve never seen this show, but based on the clips they showed, I think due to her theatrics, this is well deserved. 


Supporting Actor:


Prediction: Tony Shalhoub (“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”)


He is great in Maisel. So much energy and he makes a boring, know-it-all dad actually interesting.


Result: Dan Levy (“Schitt’s Creek”)


Just the fact that he pulled off a kilt at the ceremony, he deserves this award.


Supporting Actress:


Prediction: Alex Borstein (“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”)


It’s Alex freaking Borstein. Do I need to say more? Her comedic timing is unmatched. And if you saw her Marilyn Monroe impression during the award reading, you know how amazing she really is.


Result: Annie Murphy (“Schitt’s Creek”)


I liked her outfit, and that one white dress clip was really funny. 


Comedy Series:


Prediction: “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”


New York. The 50s. Comedy. Fashion. Palladino pacing. This show is just amazing. 


Result: “Schitt’s Creek”


It was the Schitt’s Sweep!

Limited Series:


Leading Actor:


Prediction: Jeremy Pope


His vulnerability and humility in Hollywood was phenomenal and so freaking real. Ugh, love him!


Result: Mark Ruffalo


In the clip they showed, I already know he deserves this. The vulnerability. The fact he played twin. Amazing!


Leading Actress:


Prediction: Kerry Washington


She stole the freaking show in Little Fires Everywhere. So raw and human. Impeccable!


Result: Regina King


She’s freaking Regina King.


Supporting Actor:


Prediction: Jim Parsons


His performance in Hollywood was phenomenal and so different for him as an actor. He was cruel, but also so specific, confident, and funny.


Result: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II


I never watched Watchmen, but I’m sure it’s well deserved. Also fun fact: he played Zendaya’s brother in The Greatest Showman.


Supporting Actress:


Prediction: Holland Taylor


Loved her in Hollywood!


Result: Uzo Aduba


Her reaction was priceless. It was so sweet how she called for her mom.


Limited Series:


Prediction: Little Fires Everywhere


I highly recommend this show. It’s so honest and raw. Every character is wonderfully flawed. Also, the 90s pop culture references are amazing. Anything from Buffy The Vampire Slayer to Brenda and Dylan to The Cardigans. And the acting is amazing!

New Girl Nick Miller TV GIF
Giphy / Fox



Leading Actor:


Prediction: Jeremy Strong


Season 2 Kendall was amazing! And that badass move in the finale left me speechless.


Result: Jeremy Strong


The shocked look on his face and his reaction to his family cheering was adorable. Also, I love how he’s keeping up the brown wardrobe thing he has going on.


Leading Actress:


Prediction: Jennifer Anniston/Zendaya


They both had amazing performances. I really wanted it to be Zendaya because how awesome would that be? But I thought Jennifer Anniston was the realistic, but also deserving, choice.


Result: ZENDAYA!!!


I literally screamed and jumped all around my living room when it was announced. And her reaction was so cute. I have never met her, but for some reason I just feel so proud of her. I’ve loved her since she was on Shake It Up, and I’m OBSESSED with Euphoria. Oh, she deserves this!!!!


Supporting Actor:


Prediction: Kiernan Culkin/Billy Crudup


Both of their performances are seriously amazing. I really couldn’t decide. They both have great dry humor. We love snarky, smart-ass comedic relief.


Result: Billy Crudup


So well deserved. And he managed to beat all three all-stars from Succession. Amazing! 


Supporting Actress:


Prediction: Laura Dern


Her performance as Renata Klein was amazing. “CAN YOU GIVE A WOMAN A MOMENT?!?!”


Result: Julia Garner


She managed to beat Meryl goddamn Streep. Also, her flapper outfit was amazing.


Drama Series:


Prediction: Succession




Result: Succession


So. Well. Deserved. 

Miscellaneous from Creative Arts:




Prediction: Euphoria


It’s so unique and fun. The creativity and individuality is unmatched.


Result: Euphoria


If they didn’t win, I would have rioted. They deserve this so much.




Prediction: Euphoria




Result: Schitt’s Creek


I have never seen this show…so.


Original Music and Lyrics:


Prediction: Euphoria




Result: Euphoria



Award Show Highlights:


Jennifer Anniston puts out a fire: 


What a queen!


Schitt’s Creek cast’s Party:


So cute. We love a supportive cast!


Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington’s party:


I agree! Let 2020 end!


Friends Reunion:


What a great surprise! We needed that!


Zendaya making history:




Sarah Snook’s tinfoil trophy:


I guess she did get an Emmy after all…


Palladino’s Gilmore Girls reference:


Did you catch their Dragonfly Inn sign in the background?


Mrs. America’s absence:


Like, seriously? We know you are home.


Mark Ruffalo’s wife:


So adorable. We love supportive spouses!


Appreciation for the actors who live internationally: 


Jeremy Strong (Copehagan), Sarah Snook (Australia), Helena Bonham Carter (U.K.), and more, thank you for staying up past your bedtime!

Cheers to a fabulous year of TV!


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