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Dear Sarah, 

I can’t believe you are graduating this December from the University of Kansas in a few weeks. I still can’t process the information even though I already know you’re ready to be done with college. I wanted to write you this letter to say thank you for everything you’ve done for me while we’ve been at KU (and through life). 

You have been there for me through everything (ever since we were kids) and I would have not been able to survive part of college without you by my side. I will miss our 40 minute carpool rides, quick study sessions at Anschutz Library and ISB, grabbing crunchy cheddar wraps at the Underground, walks to class, and McLain's runs before and after our classes. 

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I still remember you walking me to Fraser Hall on my first day of freshman year because I was nervous. I didn’t tour the campus before I came and didn’t know where any of the buildings were, but you showed me where I had to go. You told me not to be nervous and to figure stuff out myself because it was not as hard as I thought it would be. 

You helped me with psychology because I was lowkey struggling and you helped me with calculus because you knew the material I was learning. You helped me with finding where my DPR report was and how to enroll for classes because I was absolutely clueless. I still ask you questions about Enroll and Pay and how to submit my financial aid (I’m sorry I keep asking you) and you have helped me every step of the way. I know I can sometimes be annoying but thank you for helping me even when you are busy and in the middle of something. 

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I know we both had a different college experience than a lot of other people because we had to commute from home but I am grateful I was able to go through our unique experience together. I will miss driving and grabbing food with you on campus next year and am happy you are able to go on your path next year. I have seen how hard you have studied for your STEM classes, worked on your lab reports and group projects, and have always admired your work ethic and dedication. I never know how you always manage to get an A after cramming in studying for only one day but know how smart you are (I could never). 

I know you will do great things after you graduate and I hope you know I am rooting for you with whatever you do! I know I will still see you at home everyday but knowing you won’t be on campus with me will feel a little weird. I know you would answer my car phone call when I’m driving home from campus so I could tell you about my day and know you would still help me if I had school-related questions. I am excited to see what the future holds for you and can’t wait to see you thrive. Congratulations, sister! I love you! Thank you for everything. 

Your little sister, 


Hi, I'm Wonbin Park. I'm currently a senior studying Journalism and Photography major at the University of Kansas. I have a passion for photography and writing and hope to become a photojournalist in the future! My hobbies include photography, drinking coffee, watching K-Dramas with my friends and family!
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