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Talking in Front of an Audience

Something I have always struggled with in the past is talking in front of a large audience. It’s what a lot of us struggle with, even if many of us have great speaking skills. Sometimes, talking in front of an audience can get the best of us. There’s a saying that if you imagine everyone in their “underwear,” it should help with your fear of talking in front of an audience. Well, that’s never really worked for me. But what has?

First, its always important to remember that you will be nervous no matter what. I have seen interviews of professional speakers talking about being nervous to speak in front of an audience, yes professional speakers!! It’s totally normal to feel this way, so try not to let it get the best of you.


Practice!! Something I always did wrong was winging it, and I must say, I am awful at winging it, so I’m sure you can imagine how great one of my presentations went (*sarcastic voice*).

Breathe!! Breathing helps release most of your nerves and puts you in a mental state of calmness and peace. So, before going up to present, breathe!

Be confident. Don’t go up thinking you’re going to make a fool out of yourself. Carry a mindset where you know you’ll succeed, and don’t ever walk on a stage with a negative mindset. It takes away all your confidence and the last thing we want is our confidence taken away from us. 


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