Sydney's Blue Book: Volkswagens and Other Foreign Cars

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Beetle. However, while there are many good things about owning this car, some of the bad things outweigh the good. These bad things may be true of other foreign cars, so if you're in th market to buy one, hopefully this information can help you decide. 

First I want to discuss the pros and cons of Beetles specifically. The pros are that it gets great gas mileage and they are small enough that you can get a parking spot just about anywhere. The cons are that they aren't good for long trips and they aren't very spacious. So I guess you will have to decide if great gas mileage and good parking are more important than traveling long distances in a cramped space. In this scenario specifically, I think the pros outweigh the cons. As a college student (during the pandemic) I'm not doing any traveling other than the 45 minute drive to my grandparents' house. It's also pretty nice that my car fits in almost any parking spot on campus because some students do NOT know how to park. 

Now for some pros and cons of foreign cars in general. The pros are that it is guaranteed you'll look cute in it and because not a ton of people drive foreign cars, it will be easier to find your car in the parking lot if you're prone to forgetting where you park like I do.

The cons are that any damages are SUPER expensive to fix and on top of that it's hard to find a mechanic to do the work. So again, you will have to decide whether looking cute and never losing your car is more important than quick and cheap repairs. In this scenario, I think the cons outweigh the pros. I bought my car used so as expected a couple things have gone wrong, and let me tell you, one tube that holds brake fluid and the addition of new brake fluid cost me almost $600. Crazy, right? As a college student I don't really have extra cash like that lying around so in my next car purchase I plan to stay away from the foreigns, but by all means if you have that kind of cash go ahead and buy a foreign car. 

I hope this information is useful in your car shopping. Happy hunting!