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The Struggles of Working Through College As Told By Disney

A full-time college course load, a social life, and a part/full time job, those of us that manage to juggle all three know the struggles of trying to balance them all too well. In an ideal world, a college education wouldn’t cost you your sanity and leave you in crippling debt but until then those of us that pay our own bills or just want spending and saving money are continuously trying the master the art of this balancing act. 

Being a working college student can be trying, it takes responsibility and dedication.

For the most part you can handle it.

And it can be extremely routine at times.

But in reality, and more often than not, you’re not getting enough sleep.

And you wish you had a genie to make your life easier.

Because working through school is not always (usually) glamorous.

And when things get busy and hectic, it would be nice to be able to roll away and leave your responsibilities behind.

Sometimes you feel trapped and overwhelmed with obligations.

But you don’t take anything off of your plate because you can handle it.

But you forget at least one obligation every week.

Because you’re sleep deprived from staying up late writing that essay you should have started three days ago.

And eating becomes your favorite part of the day. 

Because you can always count on food.

You can’t always go out with your friends because you work late or have to work early the next day.

And when you do get off, you don’t always feel like going out.

When you do decide to go out, you want to make the most of it. So you get all dolled up.

But if you have to work the next morning, you find yourself checking the clock because if you leave right now you can get 5 hours and 13 minutes of sleep.

You’re tired most of the time because you rarely get enough sleep.

And someone always dares to interrupt your beauty sleep when you finally get a chance to catch up on some Zs.

Some days are longer than others. Work. Homework. Homework. Work.

You don’t always have as much time to study as you’d like and your teacher knows you’re unprepared.

But you’re still more competent than half the students in your class

The balancing act stresses you out.

And you know your social life has been subpar.

You can’t always keep it together and you lose it, despite how hard you try.

And you don’t always think you’re heading in the right direction.

And you wish someone would just whisk you away to travel the world.

But occasionally you get a day off.

And when you do hit the town with your friends after working extra hours at the end of a long week, you let loose.




But despite the ups and downs, there is always a break from it all to look forward to.

So keep on hustling.

Cause you can put all this sh*t on your resume.

Kansas raised (no not on a farm) but forever seeking the wanders of the world. She's one part human, one part hairspray, and one part sawdust. Her happiness is rooted in dabbling in various avenues of creative expression. Pursuing an BFA in Industrial Design and minors in Italian and Strategic Communication, she's a full time student and part time hair stylist. You can find her at the dog park, sharing an ice cream cone with her hound or at a coffee shop downtown.
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