Stressed Out? 6 Tips To De-Stress Yourself

Spring Break is over and it's time to dive back into school. With there only being roughly two months left before this semester is over, it's not uncommon for the stress to pile on at this point. There's tests to study for and homework to get in all while trying to end this semester with really good grades. Yet with everything that needs to be done before the semester ends, the stress is getting worse for me. Here are six ways for a college student to de-stress before that stress pile gets worse.

1. Skip Less Classes

It's no surprise that sometimes you just need a break and maybe you skip a class or two, for whatever reason. This can actually stress you out because then you have to worry about what you missed, how bad that work you missed will affect your grade and other worries. Skipping less can lessen this stress and leave you feeling not overwhelmed. Think of it this way, when I really don't want to go to class I start thinking about what it cost me to get here, what I had to work for on paying for any class, college in general. To me, it's a waste of money and time if you aren't determined to get out on top in class. 

2. Calendar/Planner

One of the most helpful de-stressers for college students. If you're stressed academically and time-wise then this is perfect! I bought myself a huge calendar and taped it on to the wall, I put everything I have to do for the week on that Saturday before. And as soon as I know I have something to do, I go and put it in the calendar. Planners are quite amazing as well, mine is filled to the brim with what I have to do for each day. I even pencil in times when I should eat or when I can have a break. Don't let things surprise you because you either forgot about it or you didn't write it down.

3. Sleep and Food

The two most important things ever. Keep yourself hydrated, as all that stress can leave you dehydrated plus it helps you concentrate more. I realized that when I'm maximum on stress, I forget to eat. I can go almost a whole day just on water without realizing I haven't eaten. And that is bad, keep snacks nearby if you don't have time to get a meal as that is better than nothing! Sleep is the biggest thing here, losing sleep won't help you relieve the stress and the loss can make things worse for you in the end. Pace yourself on everything you have to be done and give yourself a bed time. Once that time reaches, drop everything and sleep. You can worry about things that weren't done the next day. You can't get everything done so just try and do what you can.

4. Less Procrastination

Procrastination is a huge stresser. Don't wait until the last moment to do that paper or study for the test you have next morning. Pace yourself and stretch the work during at least a week's span. Work on it a little bit every now and then, same goes for studying. You will get stuff done all without stressing out about it while doing it the night before.

5. Make Time For Yourself

Alone time is good. Sometimes it's necessary to have some me-time, no one else there. Go shopping or even stay in and watch a movie. This really helps on de-stressing you. I have noticed that when I'm stressed, I tend to snap more at my friends and people around me. It's better for me to spend a day alone or at least a few hours just to calm down and loosen up.

6. Don't Stress About Being Stressed

This is probably the most important tip on this list. Sometimes it's not the stress that gets to you, it's the stressing about that stress that gets you. Constantly being worried that you have all this stress is bad. The inital stress rises and you can get even more agitated that the original stress had you. Calm down and understand that yes you are stressed but don't focus on it too much.

Those six tips are sure to help de-stress college students. College is stressful but it's only as stressful as you make of it. Focus on what you have to do and put that stress aside, you don't have time to worry about that.