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Chappell Roan, otherwise known as Kayleigh Rose Amstutz, is a 25-year-old queer pop icon from Willard, Missouri. Taking inspiration from drag queens and 80’s synth-pop, Chappell’s music is breaking norms and cementing herself as the next queer pop star of our generation.

Chappell Roan works with the producer Dan Nigro and has gained more popularity while touring with Olivia Rodrigo on her GUTS Tour.

Her debut album, The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess debuted in September 2023, and ever since then, it has done numbers on social media. I only recently listened to her album in full in 2024, and I have concluded that this is an album with no skips and a song for every mood one has ever experienced.

This article will be a ranking of Chappell Roan’s first album, arranged from my least favorite to my most favorite.


Chappell’s lyricism is top tier, “I want this like a cigarette, can we drag it out and never quit” COME ON. This song looks like it will be sad because of the title, but it is far from it. I am a big fan of upbeat songs with sad lyrics because it adds depth to an already amazing piece of work. YES.


This song is a love letter to Missouri, and I love it. As someone who is from/attends school in the Midwest, it is great to see pop stars who are from places like where I live. Loving the positive Midwest representation. This song does make me sad though, so I don’t suggest listening to it if you are feeling homesick.


This song is sad but has a catchy beat. Chappell’s voice is angelic in this song, and it is a great ambiance/sad song to belt to.


This title makes me think of a sad song, but when you listen to it, it is a little bit different. It is giving a breakup anthem/revenge mantra in the best way. The beat and lyrics are so catchy, and I know I say that about all of Chappell’s songs but here it is especially true. All her songs are great!


The chord progressions in this song are top-tier. I love a good piano moment in a song. Although it makes me sad to listen to it, I love listening to it.

9 – HOT TO GO!

This song (along with Red Wine Supernova) is one that I found out via TikTok advertisements back in 2023. This song is super fun and lively, and the lyrics are so catchy.


I hope I never have to experience being in a situationship, and this song exemplifies my thoughts perfectly. That’s all I am going to say.


Chappell Roan’s lyricism is amazing in this song. This song is a super fun listen, and I like it a lot. I have heard this song so many times, and it never gets old. The chorus is amazing too!


This song embodies the idea of moving from the Midwest to LA, where one can be whoever they want and achieve their dreams. This song is referred to as a “stripper anthem” (more about that can be read in this article), and I couldn’t agree more. The meaning of this song resonates with many, and it is well-crafted and symbolic. It was difficult to rank all these songs, but it is a 10/10 regardless.


The piano and lyrics in this song fit so well together, I need to see it live SO BAD!!! It is a sad song, but it is too good to ignore. The kaleidoscope symbolizing love works well too! This is the only song on the album that Chappell Roan wrote without collaboration, and I hope she does this more in the future!


I like the beat of this song; it is very catchy. All of Chappell’s songs are catchy to me, but this song stuck out to me. I just love pop songs sometimes!


I LOVE THIS SONG! The instruments, vocals, and the synth vibe, it is just asking to be played on aux at full volume.


The harmonies in this song scratch every itch in my brain. I love the 80s-style instrumentation; it is very upbeat. Very iconic. I don’t know what “get it hot like Papa John” means, but I DON’T CARE. PLAY THE BEAT CHAPPELL!!


I need to go to a party with this song blasting, LED lights, etc. I love the vibes of this song, as well as Chappell’s vocals. In my opinion, this song is underrated. Near the end of the song, I get Lady Gaga’s Born This Way vibes in terms of lyric delivery and sound.


Overall, this ranking was VERY difficult because I wanted to put all the songs at the #1 spot. Openly queer pop stars are super important in the music industry, and I cannot wait to hear more of Chappell Roan’s music.

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