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A Semester of Social Distancing

So, you’re back in Lawrence for the semester. Now what? Amidst all the uncertainty and challenges brought about as a result of the pandemic, it may be hard to find ways to release stress and have fun while still remaining COVID-conscious and following social distancing guidelines. Although we all yearn a typical fall in Lawrence, filled with football pre-games, parties, and weekends on Mass Street, our new normal for the time being looks a bit different. Here’s a few ways you can make the most out of it.


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   1. Canoeing on Clinton Lake

If you’re ever feeling wild enough to travel West of Iowa Street, you might find yourself headed toward Clinton Park. Famous for its scenic views of Kansas sunsets, Clinton Lake has much more to offer than merely a quick drive-by. The Outdoor Pursuits program at KU provides equipment rental for hiking, camping, and canoeing at a very reasonable cost to students, faculty, and staff. Located only about 20 minutes from campus, Clinton Lake also has a great beach which is perfect for swimming and offers areas to picnic and grill. All around, it is a perfect spot for spending some quality time outdoors while still being able to social distance from others.

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   2. Hammocking

If the idea of floating alone out in the middle of a large body of water doesn’t sound particularly appeasing, don’t worry. There are plenty of spots on campus and around Lawrence that serve as great hammocking locations. Hammocks can also be rented from the Outdoor Pursuits program so you and your roommates can enjoy the end of summer while maintaining a safe distance from others.

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   3. Picnic at Potter Lake

It’s easy to slip into bad eating habits while at school and now that we are a few weeks into the semester, the ease and simplicity of having Ramen for every meal is all too familiar. But if you’re looking to spend some quality time outdoors for a change with your roommates over a good meal, prepare a picnic and sit out by Potter Lake right on campus. Buy some cheese, crackers, and veggies for a DIY charcuterie board, grab some lemonade, and pack a picnic blanket and you’re set!


Everybody knows that these unprecedented times we are living in require a lot of responsibility and sacrifice. So, make smart decisions and don’t forget to bring your mask while participating in any of these activities. Treat yourself to some Sylas and Maddy’s after for being such a good, responsible citizen. :)

Hi! My name is Arianna Fallahian and I'm a behavioral neuroscience major with a passion for baking with my friends, traveling, and going to concerts!
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