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  1. subwaycreatures

There really is no way to explain what subwaycreatures is other than, Subway Creatures. The account posts about people, items, outfits, actions and more things that one could only see in a New York City subway. Sometimes the posts follow a specific theme (ex: costumes, drag queens, etc), other times they are random events happening (floods, fires, accidents, etc). This account is a mix of popular culture and current events through a New York City lens. 

  1. secret_nyc

secret_nyc is full of attractions, stores, new opening and events that are going on in NYC! I find the niche attractions fascinating and it always adds to my bucket list of Manhattan adventures. I especially love seeing the new restaurants, bars and pop-up locations. They mainly post beautiful secret spots around NYC, as well as aesthetic photos of the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park and various boroughs. All in all, an aesthetically pleasing page with purpose. 

  1. strandbookstore

Honestly, if you know, you KNOW. Strand Bookstore is a beautiful bookstore in NYC located at 828 Broadway near the East Village. Strand is an independent bookstore with 18 miles (yes, miles) of books. I’ve been lucky enough to visit in person and it lives up to its reputation. If you’re a lover of NYC or books, follow this account immediately. 

  1. nybucketlist

While this account is a little self-explanatory, it’s still quite wonderful, once again aiding in my (already too long) New York City bucket list. Currently the page has featured a lot of fun/new/hot/exciting spots through Instagram Reels. It’s similar to Secret NYC, but it promotes locations, restaurants, bars, events and much more. 

  1. newyorkercatroons

It is a typical New Yorker pastime to read The New Yorker. While I do love the publication, I hold a soft spot for the cartoons. The Instagram account is creative, timely, kitschy and the right amount of cheesy from time to time. I especially adore cat-themed cartoons. 

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