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My Experience with Covid-19 and The Injustices It Brings Along

As we all know by now, Covid-19 has affected us tremendously in ways we could have never imagined. With over 2 million people dead from this disease, many of us have lost loved ones, had to quarantine, wear masks, get tested, switch to online courses, and even have come out positive for Covid as well. This disease changed society norms in a matter of months and we have truly seen where people stand on selfishness throughout this pandemic. I personally believe I have been very cautious of this pandemic as I double mask, steer away from other customers at the store, never take off my mask while I’m outside (not even in the car), stay indoors 6 days a week, excessively wash my hands to the point where they began to bleed from the dryness, never go anywhere near my face or mouth unless my hands are washed, and never go a day without a shower (hair included). I guess you can say I became an even bigger germaphobe than I already was. Besides the point, I believe I had done everything correctly, and somehow I still got covid. 

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I recently got Covid back in January during winter break and I actually know exactly where I got it from. Technically I got it from my brother, but my brother got it from my parents and my parents got it from their co-worker who was very inconsiderate and selfish. My parents’ coworker spent the holidays with his family and found out his sister tested positive right after. He then developed symptoms and still went to work coughing all over their workplace, and without a mask. Everyone that day politely asked him to wear a mask and he refused. I don’t think he ever knew he was going to infect his own and four other families. Even still, his entire extended family tried to blame it on our family when we celebrated the holidays alone.

Overall, my parents got it severely bad and I had a mild cold while my brother thankfully did not get any symptoms. Covid has affected my senses as I can clearly notice because I used to have a strong sense of taste and smell and now there are some things I can barely taste. Although I can taste the majority of foods, chicken has tasted very weird since I tested positive and I can’t taste chocolate. Although I am still very angry at the fact that my efforts to never get Covid went to waste, there is not much I can do about it now. All I know is that I did my part to keep myself and others safe. 

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Now here is why I believe there are injustices associated with Covid-19. I was one of the many who cared about keeping others and myself safe, and I somehow still managed to get it. I particularly have friends and family members who have done the complete opposite and have yet to get Covid. I do not think it is fair that my godsister has gone to clubs crowded with more than 300+ people, gone to parties every weekend, traveled to Cancun, still traveling to more places, doesn’t respect my decisions to wear my mask in the car, and has yet to get Covid. This godsister in particular has been extremely selfish and I can’t bring myself to understand how she managed to save herself all these months and I was able to contract it.

Although I have tried to call her out on her lifestyle choices, she always manages to either shut me out, switch the topic, make me look like the bad guy or make it seem like it wasn’t a big deal. The thing that infuriates me the most is that it’s not just my godsister, it’s her friends too. My godsister is friends with two older twin sisters who happen to work at a medical clinic. These health workers make the same inconsiderate lifestyle choices my godsister makes. Not only that, but my godsister’s parents and her twin friends’ aunt and uncle (who they spend a lot of time with) also happen to work at the same place my parents work, and their families did not contract Covid even though their daughter and nieces are the ones extremely selfish in regards to the pandemic. As I stated, my godsister twin friends are health workers and never contracted Covid even though they partied, went clubbing, and traveled throughout all the pandemic without masks, they completely saved themselves since they recently got vaccinated. Although I wish I can say that I learned something throughout all this, I don’t think I was the one who needed the lesson, but if there’s anything that I learned it is that life does not reward or punish people. Life is simply as it is.

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Overall, I believe there are others whose experience with Covid has been far worse than mine and I feel sorry for those people who have lost their lives due to many inconsiderate people. I hope I entertained those reading by overdramatically sharing my experience with Covid and my rant of how infuriating it was to have taken this pandemic excessively seriously and still come out positive.


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