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The country’s unofficial president, Beyoncé, has left the majority of us reeling after her recent releases and the sudden addition of Lemonade to Spotify. In the midst of her (justified) rocking of everyone’s world, I’d like to take the time to recognize a few other fantastic ladies in music that have been rocking mine.


Tessa Violet

Tessa Violet’s fabulous hair isn’t the only colorful thing about her. As a singer-songwriter and video blogger, her most recent music has been a strong form of reinvention for her. She’s all about transparency, but the important messages behind the lyrics of the tracks off her most recent album, ‘Bad Ideas’, are easily balanced by the type of beat that makes you feel like you’re walking on sunshine. Give ‘Crush‘ a listen and you’ll see what I mean.

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Chelsea Cutler

There’s no way around it. This girl knows how to make you feel. Chelsea Cutler, who’s been making music since she was 17, puts feeling into everything she sings and everything she produces. You can dance to ‘Mess‘, cry to ‘AF1s‘ or meet somewhere in the middle with ‘Deserve This‘, but one way or another, you’ll be feeling what she feelings right along with her- and you’ll love her for it.

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Sigrid is not afraid of a single thing, and you probably haven’t heard a voice like hers in a while. From ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe‘ to ‘High Five‘, she has a unique voice and a brashness that you can’t help but appreciate. Sometimes the 22-year-old singer is calling out someone she maybe shouldn’t have called a friend and sometimes she’s straight up calling out the music industry for its expectations of female artists, but either way, she is undeniably worth admiring.

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It would be difficult for you not to notice Lizzo when she shines as bright as she does, but not mentioning her anyway would be a disservice. Lizzo is full of soul and it’s not going anywhere- why would it? From singing shamelessly about body image to cheering the world on even when we possibly don’t deserve it, we aren’t allowed to forget that she’s that bitch.

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