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And just like that, the spooky season has come to a close. Halloween weekend has already flown by, pushing us into Thanksgiving and Christmas (if you celebrate those). Everyone works so hard on their Halloween costumes in order to look their best for one night. After scrolling through my Instagram feed this past week, I think that I can confidently name the most worn costumes for Halloween 2020. 

Two Ghosts Standing in Front of a Brick Wall
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  1. Dangerous Woman/ Playboy Bunny

I was actually dressed up like this for this Halloween. I didn’t realize how many people dress up like this until I did. Bunnies are usually a go-to costume, but the Dangerous Woman bunny was worn a lot this year. There were many bunnies dressed in latex this Halloween season.


    2. The Scooby-Doo Squad

I  saw many groups wearing costumes that matched the Scooby squad. I personally thought that this was a really cute idea. It is also nice to be able to have different costumes for each member of the group. 


    3. Cosmo and Wanda from The Fairly Odd Parents

This was surprising to me because The Fairly Odd Parents is a bit of an older show. But I saw many couples and friends matching in their pink and green. I saw this costume more this year than any years before.


    4. Spring Breakers

This is another group costume that was used a lot, but also super cute. Lots of groups dressed up as the Spring Breakers cast by wearing sweatpants, bikini tops, and face masks. I thought that this was unique and funny. You can accessorize with fake money, fake guns, and fake (or real) tattoos.


    5. Party Poopers

Another outfit that I saw a few times was the party pooper. This costume is an inflatable toilet with legs and dropped drawers. It gives the illusion that the second half of your body is on the toilet. I thought that this was a funny costume, and I was shocked to see it more than once.


    6. Hot Clowns

Clowns are also a usual Halloween go-to outfit. However, quite a few people put their own spin on the stereotypical clown. I saw many people make clowns look hot, which is hard to do. Basically, they wore cuter clothes than just the normal big shoes and red nose. They used face makeup and made their faces look scary while wearing flattering outfits. For example: corsets, latex, or leather.


    7. Cheerleaders

Lastly, cheerleaders are also a pretty normal sight on Halloween. This year there were a lot of cheerleaders that were cheering for a variety of unique teams. I saw some devil cheerleaders, angel cheerleaders, 420 cheerleaders, and many others. Not only were they just cheerleaders, but they also added a bit of a twist to the costume.

I am a sophomore at the University of Kansas studying Journalism and Strategic Communications.
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