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A picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes, it’s even worth a thousand dollars if it’s good enough. Michael Strickland (@stricklandmr), a senior from Liberal, is an incredibly talented photographer and, despite his ample traveling, he’s found his home here in Lawrence. 

“I love Lawrence. It’s definitely become my new home,” Strickland said. “School is school, which I’m never a big fan of, but I love the community here.”

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Strickland is no ordinary photographer; he is the University Daily Kansan’s associate photo editor.  If it’s not men’s basketball games or breaking news, he’s taking photos of landscapes and nature in his free time.

“I love nature and the landscape of the United States,” Strickland said.  “I’ve been to some really remarkable places in this country that we all really take for granted.  Combining these places with an incredible sunrise or sunset really creates a powerful image that people don’t see in their every day life. “

But photography, although it’s Strickland’s passion, isn’t all he is involved in. He is also a member of the rock climbing club. Needless to say, he is somewhat of an adventurer. From photographing the Grand Canyon to planning trips to the Tetons in Wyoming, Strickland wants to showcase the world’s beauty.

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KU has provided opportunities for Strickland that he wouldn’t have had elsewhere. Coming to KU from New York was a smart move for him for many reasons.

“Well, without KU, I would probably still be in NYC, without a camera, broke, and living in Queens, so I’d say it’s definitely led me in a direction I prefer,” Strickland said.

Outside from his impressive photography skills, he loves Kansas as much as a Jayhawk should, if not even more.

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“The world needs to know about how incredibly beautiful some of these places are that I’ve photographed, including the Flint Hills here in Kansas,” Strickland said.  “Kansas is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited and I’m fortunate enough to call it home.  The prairie is a powerful place, and it’s very enlightening to be a part of sharing its beauty with people and to help preserve some of the last remaining grasslands in the United States.”

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Strickland’s final words of advice for those also reaching for their dreams: “Go for it! Set small, achievable goals, and don’t get discouraged.  Challenge yourself every day and be very critical of your work.  It will make you better and it’s worth it in the end.”

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