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Meet Joe Viviano: KU’s Go-to Blogger

Joe Viviano is a basketball-loving business student, but these interests barely scratch the surface when describing him. Viviano is the founder of a blog titled Joe’s Musings, where he posts — you guessed it — his thoughts on everything from philosophy to sports. Joe’s Musings started in 2008 and has picked up in popularity with limitless possibilities in the future. His ability to connect with the average reader, along with some good writing and wit, keep bringing people back to the site. It’s easy to see why his thoughts are inspiring and appealing.

“I have learned most human beings are similar in that we all want a fist full of fifties, a day without fear, and some form of companionship and purpose,” he says.

As a senior in college, this type of thinking is wise beyond his years. He makes an effort to blog about a diverse collection of topics focusing on self-improvement, business and college advice – all things that KU students could integrate into daily life. “I write articles on how to thrive in college as opposed to surviving it,” says Viviano. Joe’s Musings includes interviews with students about their internships, tips on how to maximize college life, and profiles about different academic majors.

As a driven student who used to do 20-hour course loads, Viviano has had to learn how to strike the life balance between work and play like so many other KU students. Joe’s Musings captures those thoughts about how to best achieve goals and work toward the best version of yourself, and the articles are broken down into relatable advice. Viviano says it has been rewarding to provide inspiration and life lessons to loved ones and people he would not have otherwise crossed paths with in life. Joe’s Musings will be a part of his life after KU as he plans to keep blogging through graduate school and beyond.

If you can learn anything from Viviano, please remember his golden advice to be the best version of yourself and not a second-rate version of somebody else. Joe’s Musings will inspire you and provoke you to think about not only your collegiate career, but to answer the life questions that help us become better, achieve more and learn to appreciate it all at the end of each day.

“Truly work on cultivating a strong sense of yourself because it is tempting to get lost in the senseless distractions without reflecting on your purpose and identity.”  

Maggie is a rising senior at the University of Kansas majoring in journalism. She has interned at Parents magazine and Glamour magazine and hopes to land an editing position someday. Maggie founded a health and fitness website called Get Fit Get Life and she is a personal trainer. She doesn't go a day without an iced coffee with a splash of almond milk!
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