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  • Black is the New Black

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Seriously, who doesn’t love a good black ensemble?  I know that I personally am in love with Matter Prints’ heavy use of black for this show.  It’s perfect for making a piece stand out in a way that black truly does best.  

  • Simple Prints add a Pop of Sophisticated Interest Img Credit

As their name would imply, Matter Prints killed it with their simple, yet sophisticated prints for this show.  Personally, I don’t tend to be attracted to geometric prints (which were featured heavily in this show), I think that Matter Prints was able to pull them off in a way I wouldn’t have expected.   

  • Smaller, Darker Color Schemes for Fall (with earth tones!) Img Credit

If there’s one takeaway from this show, it’s that we should all stick with simple color schemes.  While I’m far from a rainbow fan, I typically stick with at least one pop of color for my outfits.  Matter Prints did the exact opposite for this show, and they pulled it off.  All of the Matter Prints pieces followed a similar color scheme, but they all still managed to stand out in their own unique ways.  



  • Stick with Looser Pants

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While tighter pants have been very on trend in the past, Matter Prints showed us in their show that looser pants are still fashionable too.  For their show, many of the models wore pants with a straight leg or even a wider leg, giving the illusion of volume.  Depending on the look you’re going for, loose pants can be an easy way to make your look stand out.  


  • Two-Piece outfits are the way to go 

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On the topic of pants, another standout element of Matter Prints’ show was their use of two-piece outfits.  I was expecting to see at least one dress from this show, and I was surprised to find that all of the outfits featured by Matter Prints were two separate pieces.  This was a bold move. However, it paid off in the end.