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Luck of the Irish Cuties: The Ireland Twins

As March Madness progresses, I figured featuring cuties with a little luck behind them couldn’t hurt. Clearly there is no better luck than the luck of the Irish, right? I am so excited for you all to learn more about these two wonderful campus cutie twin sisters, Kathleen and Colleen Ireland!

Names: Kathleen and Colleen Ireland


K: @kath_leanwitit

C: @colleenIreland1


K: Master’s in Architecture

C: Graphic Design with a Business Minor

Year in School: Seniors; Kathleen has an extra year since she’s in the Master’s program.

Girl, what’s yo sign? Pisces

Relationship Status: Both are single, gentleman!

Campus Activities

K: Architecture

C: Prototype, Graphic Design Club

Off Campus Activities:

K:  I’m an avid brunch enthusiast, we have brunches every Sunday at home and I also enjoy going to the Rec.

C: I play volleyball at a community center in Lawrence and I work at both Minsky’s Pizza as well as The Natural History Museum.

Do you/your family do anything special for St. Patty’s Day or is it just another holiday?

We’ll usually hang out with our brother or just stay put in Lawrence. However, last year our 21st birthday fell on Fake Patty’s Day in Manhattan, so we decided to celebrate both in Lawrence and Manhattan.

Do you have any hidden talents?

K: I love to cook and I can recite inappropriate rap verses at the drop of a hat.

C: I love to cook and paint.

Life Mottos?

K: “Be who you are and say how you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Dr. Seuss

C: Oh yes, the past can hurt. But from the way I see it, you can either run from it, or… learn from it. -Rafiki, Lion King

Favorite thing about being Irish?

We love being able to celebrate our heritage and our Irish values: we’re very fun-loving and proud, it’s a very honorable culture.

C: When I went to Dublin, I had a great time. All the people were so kind and happy.

Favorite experience at KU so far: When we made it the Final Four! Walking down Mass Street and being with thousands of people while still feeling like a family.

Random Fact

C: When I was really little, I couldn’t pronounce my R’s.

Favorite Food

K: Peanut butter, Eggplant Parmesan

C: Minsky’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza

What’s one thing you wish people would stop assuming about the both of you?

A lot of people think we live together just because we’re twins and we don’t. People are also very hesitant to say hi to us because they don’t know if they’re talking to Kathleen or Colleen,  but we honestly don’t care, it doesn’t make us mad! Say hi!

Words you would use to describe yourself?

K: Hilarious, hard-working, open-minded, sarcastic

C: Creative, hard-working, procrastinator

Turn Ons

K: Arms, Sense of humor, Wit

C: Shoulders, Genuine smile, Facial hair, Wit

Turn Offs

K: Flakiness, Unfaithful

C: Flakiness, Cockiness: There is a very fine line between cockiness and confidence.

Celebrity Crush

K: G-Easy

C: Chris Hemsworth

Guilty Pleasure

K: Chocolate

C: Watching Gossip Girl

Ideal Guy?

K: Family man, Genuine, Rugby players, Sarcastic sense of humor

C: Funny, Tall, Dark, Handsome, Someone who is open to trying new things

Pet Peeve

K: Making and breaking plans

C: Bad grammar

Where would we find you on a Friday night?

Quinton’s or Louise’s. Sometimes we’re together, sometimes we’re not. It just depends on the night!

What motivates you?

K: Plans for the future and achieving the goals I’ve set for myself. Essentially just making myself proud.

C: Coffee and good music.


K: Cargo shorts

C: Lack of ambition

Dream Occupation

K: Architect

C: Music Video Producer

If you could go back in time and give a younger you some advice, what would you say?

K: Spend less time worrying about superficial things and more about what really matters.

C: Work harder.

What can a guy do to get your attention?

K: Someone who can make me laugh without even trying is good in my book.

C: Someone who is confident, but mysterious at the same time.

Would you two consider one another your best friend? *Unanimously* Yes!

Why do you think you’re a catch?

C: I’m always up for new things and I take pride in the things that are important to me.

K: I’m humorous, I’m up for new things, and if I like you I’ll probably even cook for you.

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