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Dear Room,

I’m afraid I’ve taken you for granted. You were always just there in high school, and I never thought too much about the great privilege of privacy and a bed that wasn’t five feet off the ground and coffin-sized. Now that we’ve had some time apart with this whole “college” situation getting between us, I’ve realized how great you really are.

When I still had you in my life, I could escape from other people, which is the main quest in my life. There were many nights spent alone, in a blissfully quiet bubble. What times those were…

The one-person dance parties that lasted until five a.m. were beautiful. You never judged me for my dance moves or my weird combination of showtunes, early-2000s hip-hop, and angsty and embarrassing middle school screamo music.

Not to mention being able to sing aloud without worrying that someone would hear me and cause a cringe attack so awful that I actually just melt into the next dimension to escape.

I could also cry in peace with you, never worried that a wayward roommate would walk in and I would have to explain that, no, really, I’m fine- I just watched an emotional episode of Sweet/Vicious and I need a minute of cathartic sobbing to solve my emotions.

Being able to laugh un-self-consciously at the barrage of stand-up comedy specials and Bob’s Burgers was also a good time. In this new set-up, I have to keep all my laughter inside so that my roommates don’t think I’m actually just insane.

And finally, Room, you never, ever judged me with your eyes on Fridays and Saturdays and all the rest of the days of my life when I never left you to brave the outside- a place we both know is terrifying.

I suppose it’s good that we’re spending some time apart. As the proverbial “they” say- absence makes the heart grow fonder. Also, I was getting kind of dependent on not talking to people and what is college for if not learning to be an actual human being? Still, I can’t wait until we’re reunited this summer for a brief relapse of bad social habits and horrible singing voices. I love you, man.


Your Greatest Admirer

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Maggie Williams is an English and Creative Writing major at the University of Kansas. She is an aspiring novelist, hermit, and musical enthusiast who spends an inordinate amount of time thinking about stand-up comedy, Dungeons and Dragons, and ice cream. She's honestly just a joy. You can follow her at https://twitter.com/Maggie5533 or at https://adventuresandstorytelling.wordpress.com/ where she doesn't speak in third person (she promises).