Little Things to Help you Feel Better When You're Sad

I recently had a pretty rough week. In all honesty, it's been a rough couple of years for me, so I have a lot of experience in this topic. Sh*t happens, and now you're sad about it. Luckily, I know exactly how to make that pain just a little less painful. Unfortunately, these little tricks won't make the sadness go away, but they can make it bearable. So here you are, my best tips and tricks to make yourself feel better because you're sad. 



1. Take a warm shower/bath. 

I know taking a shower seems to easy but trust me this works every time. It's an excellent time to think and cry, and the warm water seems to have healing powers. If you don't feel like going through that trouble then simply put your feet in some warm water. It's very comforting.


2. Go someplace alone 

Okay yeah, this sounds counteractive but trust me it's very rewarding and empowering. Just go somewhere, any place will do. A library, shopping, nail salon, the park, etc. Go to a restaurant and eat by the window and enjoy your own company. I know it sounds embarrassing and dumb, but it's not. It's actually an amazing experience. Once I was really upset because I was homesick during my freshman year of college. When I called my mom, she told me to go to a movie alone. I was like, "WHAT NO!" But she told me how nice it is and I finally got the courage to go. It's so therapeutic. I can't explain it, just do it, trust me. (P.S. bring a cozy blanket.) 


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3. Call your bestie

Okay, I can't explain this to you or give you a cute story because I can't say I have a best friend. I usually call my mom which you can also do. I get it though, sometimes moms don't seem like the best options, but venting helps. Just call someone you can fully trust and who loves and cares about you, and who doesn't mind if you talk their ear off for a couple of hours because you need to get it all off of your chest. 


4. Re-read your favorite book

Pick up your absolute most favorite book that will send you to a place where you don't have to think about what's making you sad. For me, this would probably all of Harry Potter or the Hunger Games. 

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5. Eat something you like 

I'm suggesting some good old fashioned comfort food. Splurge, what food do you never eat because it's terrible for you or too expensive? Okay now eat that food. I would definitely whip out a good mac and cheese recipe or my chocolate chip recipe. Which brings me to my next suggestion...


6. Make something

Okay, so Tasty did this video where they discovered the best chocolate chip cookies ever through a series of trial and error. I am attaching the link.

Tasty Cookies 

I love these cookies. I made them for a party, and everyone thought I got them at a bakery. This is the recipe I always turn to when I'm sad- it's just a comforting recipe. But this point doesn't have to pertain to just baking. Cook yourself or your family dinner, make some arts and crafts, write a short story. Make something you’ll be proud of.


7. Pet some animals 

Go home and chill with your dogs, cuddle your cat or if you don't have any pets, maybe go to the zoo. Bonus pet some baby animals. Go to one of those pet stores that lets you pet puppies in open cages, but do not buy anything from the store! Those stores are notorious for getting their merchandise from puppy mills. The point is, animals are very comforting and will love you unconditionally no matter what. 

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8. Go work out 

This is a given. There are so many studies that show the good working out can have on your mental health. I really can't talk though because I'm a lazy piece of crap and can never get myself to work out, but I know for a fact that it does make you feel better.   

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9. Play a game 

Board games, video games, anything works. During one of my sad moments, I pulled out the Sims. I hadn't played it since middle school, and I forgot how much fun it was. Playing games is an excellent distraction because they involve moving your brain. 


10. Watch movies 

I touched on this earlier, but here it is again. Just stay home one afternoon and have a movie marathon. Cuddle up with a freshly cleaned blanket, your favorite hoodie, and some buttery popcorn. Try to avoid sad movies. Stick with action, comedy, and kid's movies.


11. Take a walk 

Clear your mind and get some fresh air and sunlight. 


12. Cry 

This is the ultimate cure for sadness. There is a reason we cry when we're sad or scared or angry. And having a full-on sob sesh will do wonders. I love to cry; it always makes me feel so much better. Put on some music to drown out the sobs and pour your heart out. You can do it for however long you want. Just keep crying until you want to stop.


I genuinely hope this list has helped you feel better because I know how much being sad sucks. 

If you ever need someone to talk to, you can 100% message me on Instagram (see below), you can even do it anonymously, I won't ask who you are. If you're in extreme distress or feel like hurting yourself, please don't hesitate to call the national suicide hotline (see below).

Lastly, I just want to tell you that everything is going to be okay. Sometimes you just need to hear that. Even when you think that it’s never going to get better, you just have to trust that it will. Time can fix everything and you have so much life ahead of you for things to change. It will be okay, I promise you. Hold on. 


National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

My Instagram: _olivialock_