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Lessons from some of the most important women in my life

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KU chapter.

Diane (my grandma)

My grandma has taught me many lessons, but more than anything, she’s taught me to serve others. My grandma spends her life giving and giving with no complaints. She is more than happy to serve others, even if her service gets no recognition. Her selflessness is something I strive to imitate. 

Erin (my oldest sister)

Erin is the classiest woman I know, but she is also a badass. She inspired my love for Audrey Hepburn and my love for the gym. She can get anything she wants out of life and she knows it. She never settles for anyone or anything and she encourages the same in others.

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Catie (my second-oldest sister)

Catie has taught me one of the most important lessons: don’t take life too seriously. Catie has freakouts just like everyone else, but she also lives her life with a “quality over quantity” attitude. She prefers relationships and experiences over money or things. She will spend her last dollar on a coffee for someone else and feel zero regret about doing so. She has taught me that the quality of my life means much more than success or money.

Bridget (my last biological sister I promise)

More than anything, Bridget has taught me what it means to work hard. Her drive and ambition is amazing. I know she will achieve amazing things, and her motivation makes me want to do the same. 

Maria (my best friend from home)

Maria has taught me to give others grace. While sometimes to a fault, Maria is the most considerate, giving person I know. Many people have wronged her and, while I still feel some disdain for them, she offers endless amounts of grace towards them. She recognizes the very best in others, forcing me to be less judgmental in turn.

Abby (my best sorority sister)

Abby has taught me how to live out my religion in college. While this may not be applicable to everyone, my faith is very important to me and I found myself struggling with it in college. She has taught me how to pursue what I truly care about and yearn for.

Kelley (my mom)

My mother has taught me a million lessons in my life, but most of all she has taught me how to love and what it means to truly love someone. She has done so by example; her love towards my siblings and dad has taught me that love is generous and self-sacrificing.

Kylie (my sister in law):

Kylie has taught me to love myself enough to know when to prioritize myself, especially when it comes to relationships. Her favorite phrase is “weed your friendship garden.” From her, I have learned that holding on to certain relationships can be suffocating and toxic. She has taught me to stand up for myself: one of the most important lessons I have struggled to learn.

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