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Who is Laufey?

Laufey Lín Bing Jónsdóttir, or Laufey, is an Icelandic pop singer/songwriter heavily influenced by jazz. Her albums Everything I Know About Love (August 26, 2022) and Bewitched (September 8, 2023) have gained traction on various social media platforms. Laufey won the Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album in 2024 for her album Bewitched.

She and her twin sister both play orchestral instruments and sometimes Junia showcases her skills with violin at Laufey’s concert. Laufey’s album A Night At The Symphony was released on March 2, 2023, and it has multiple songs of her singing with the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra. On Laufey’s Wikipedia page, readers can see the classical composers that have influenced her music, like Frédéric Chopin.


They were incredible. @laufey @Junia #laufey #junia #bestfriend #laufey concert

♬ original sound – Jaci

laufey concert in dallas

Variations of a TikTok video showing a fan obnoxiously screaming during a sad song have been posted all over TikTok, with users questioning if this person got kicked out of the venue because of their behavior.  In this video, Laufey is performing her song titled “Promise” from her album Bewitched. This song is a slower, more mellow one. Laufey’s lowkey concerts differ from the stereotypical concert environment. Laufey often sings alone or with a symphonic orchestra, which influences the sound of the space as well as people’s ability to hear her voice.


if you were one of the people screeching at the end of promise i hope that you have a horrible week 😐 this was so ridiculous #laufey

♬ original sound – delaney 💌

Because this fan was screaming during her set, it was interrupting everyone’s listening experience and distracting Laufey. Similar to how one acts while watching a symphony or an instrumental concert, one should not scream like this during Laufey’s songs unless prompted by Laufey herself.

practicing good concert etiquette

More information about how to be more respectful and accommodating at concerts can be found here.

  1. Be proactive. Learn the guidelines for the concert venue in advance. If you need a clear bag, if you can’t bring a water bottle, etc., this information is helpful to know when entering a concert area. Download online tickets or add them to your Apple Wallet (if you have an iPhone) to ensure a quick and easy trip to get checked in.
  2. Be efficient. Get through the ticket line and find your seats as fast as possible. Don’t dilly dally while buying merch and get in the way of others trying to find their destination.
  3. Be respectful. Acknowledge that others are watching the show and/or listening to music, so don’t excessively scream at portions where it is unnecessary. Try not to record people without them knowing (from personal experience, it is quite awkward).
  4. Make small signs. Smaller signs allow people to see better! Unless you are super tall, then keep doing what you’re doing!

Bewitched: The Goddess Version comes out on April 26, so be sure to tune in!!

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