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KU Top 5 Way to Manage Time

After such an exciting summer, it can be difficult to get back into the swing of classes and schoolwork. Don’t
let yourself get behind – use these time management tips from Her Campus Kansas to ensure a stress-free transition from summer loving to fall fun!

Tip #1: Use a planner! The girls at Her Campus Kansas live by their planners. It’s a smart idea to go through your class schedules and write down what is due ahead of time so you can plan time accordingly. A planner keeps you organized and makes your life seem less hectic.

Tip #2: Skip the primp! On busy days, eliminate excess time doing your hair and make-up. You can still look like a rockstar with your hair in a ponytail and no make-up on!

Tip #3: Back to basics! Leave your laptop behind. Whether you’re distracted by Facebook or by Her Campus Kansas’ awesome articles each week, it’s best you separate yourself from all screens and focus on the work in front of you.

 Tip #4: Break time! We all need that occasional coffee break when studying. I recommend taking a 10-15 minute break when you feel like you need one. It’s enough time to get your mind off of things, but not so much time that you lose focus. You can step away from your work and then come back feeling refreshed. I usually take my dog for a walk around the block.

Tip #5: Multi-task! Save time by taking two tasks off your list at once. Blow dry your hair while reading your textbook or paint your nails and study flash cards at the same time.

Don’t let this semester’s workload get the best of you. Keep these tips in mind next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or distracted. (Oh look, something shiny!)

I'm a senior at KU double majoring in English and Journalism.  I love reading, dancing, and playing with my two dogs - Ellie and Delilah! 
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