Just a Few Pet Peeves of Mine

Everyone has those little things that just urk them. Maybe it's something kind of crazy, like hating the way someone breathes, or maybe it's something really common, like when someone scrapes their fork across their glass plate. Here are just a few things that I didn’t realize made me crazy before coming to college. If you didn't think about these things before, I’m so sorry, now you’ll probably see them everywhere.


#1- Cracking Knuckles     

I want to start off with one very important fact: my roommate cracks her knuckles in her sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I love her and we get along great, but this is not one of the reasons why. I’ve never personally enjoyed the sound of someone else’s bones smacking together, but I never realized how much I hated it until sitting in a 400-person lecture. Right when someone would finish twisting and bending every single finger, toe, ear and ankle on their body, someone else would start. How many fingers do you people have? I myself have the standard ten; however, once in my lecture I counted the number of cracks that came from a boy in front of me and there were over 20! I am now accepting suggestions on how to beg these people to stop without coming off too crazy.


#2- Complimenting Boys

Ok this may just be me, but I always shop when I walk. There are people rocking some cute clothes out there, and I make mental notes to look for stuff. If you catch someone staring at you, it’s probably me, I’m sorry, and you look good. I am also a big believer in telling people things honestly and that includes compliments. If I’m walking close enough that I won’t have to yell, I will probably throw out an “I like that” or a “that’s so cute!” However, I quickly found out that if I attempt to say that to a boy, I will 9/10 times receive a very awkward look. No, I’m not hitting on you and no I’m not making fun of you. For some reason a girl telling a girl they look good is fine, preferred really, but if a girl were to tell a boy the same thing she may as well write “desperate” across her forehead. I will be fair, if a boy were to tell a girl she looked good, he’d get a similar reaction, but why is that? If I like your shoes, I’m going to tell you that I like your shoes and I’m not sorry about it.

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#3- Flushing

The bathroom. We all use it. We all know what goes on behind that closed door, so then why would people rather suffer, standing with their legs crossed than flush a used toilet? Living in the dorm I’ve sadly learned just how truly gross girls are and this happens a lot. I don’t know why it happens...maybe they’re too lazy or they forgot their popcorn is popping in the microwave. Whatever the reason, why is everyone so scared of an unflushed toilet? 

I once saw a girl on my floor leave the restroom across the hall from her room and walk all the way down to the other bathroom just to use the toilet. I assumed that the bathrooms were being cleaned or somehow both toilets were clogged. I went in to see and there was no one else in there, no “do not use” sign on the stalls, and no awful smells. This girl had walked into this bathroom, seen that there was pee in both toilets and instead of flushing them, she decided to go to another restroom. Most people don’t even use their hands to flush, all she had to do was lift her leg. She is not the only one, I see this everywhere on campus and I just don’t understand the fear. Final note: please just flush.

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#4- Slow Walkers

This one almost isn’t fair because to be completely honest, I do walk faster than most people I know. However, I do believe that there is a difference between a normal speed and almost standing still. We are on a college campus. This means that when you see people out and about, they usually have things that they are trying to get to, so why are snails passing them as they do this? Get to class or get home as fast as you can!

Alright, there are some excuses (for example, shorter legs) but this is only a select few. Most people are perfectly capable of walking at an average speed, but simply choose not to. Do I catch up to them and stand very close behind them until I can pass them? Yes. Do I feel bad about doing this? Let me think...no. Get your face out of your phone, look up, and walk faster or see me whisk around you.

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#5- Gossip

I always thought this was such a “high school thing”. I didn’t think something this simple and idiotic was going to follow me into upper level education, but sadly it has. I am a believer in the philosophy that if you have a problem with something or someone, you should try to fix it. I am not a believer in talking behind their back and making everyone else hate them. Also, this is my first year of college, so of course I was trying to make friends with everyone, but if there was someone I didn’t click with, I simply stopped trying to hang out with them because I realized there are 28,446 other potential friends on this campus. Stop hating on the people you barely know and have no reason to judge and start going out and trying new things to meet new people. Don’t be the person that is known for talking about people because no one trusts that person or wants to be around them.


Thank you all for letting me rant to you on this fine day. I could go on and on about each and every one of these, but I have a deadline. I hope that something I said made you say “She gets it!” or made that shiver of anger wash over you because girl, I get it.