Issues You Will Probably Have With Your Roommate (and How To Overcome Them)

Boyfriends/Nighttime Visitors

It is almost inevitable that your roommate will, at some point, have a nighttime visitor. If you’re lucky, you’ll receive a drunk text message like “hay is itt oksy if Collim sleeos over tn???” to which you have the liberty to say yes or no, or you may be unlucky and get woken up at 8am the next morning to see a large human in bed with your roommate, snoring uncontrollably. One time: whatever. Couple times: fine. Every weekend: no chill. And if they have a boyfriend, this could spiral out of your comfort zone. In order to avoid roommate conflict and having your room taken over by non-residents, it’s important to have a quick conversation before the event presents itself. Nothing intense needs to happen, but it is a good idea to understand each other when it comes to people spending the night.

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When They Get Sick

Before you get to college, you hear everyone say how rough it is when you get sick in college: no mom to take care of you, no fully-stocked medicine cabinet in the bathroom, and no home-cooked chicken noodle soup. Don’t get me wrong, it sucks getting in college, but it is just as bad when your roommate gets sick. Aside from the fact that germs are obviously spreading all over your shared room, there is nothing worse than lying in your bed, not being able to fall asleep because your roomie can’t stop coughing and/or sneezing. It’s like getting the terrible sleep when you have a cold, without even having a cold. I recommend having some NyQuil on hand, so you can offer them some if necessary. It will ease their symptoms and knock them out, resulting in a restful night for you and her.

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Study Time

It is pretty much common sense that bedtime should be dark and quiet (unless you have a particularly inconsiderate roommate), but study time is often overlooked. Many will agree that they need a just-as-quiet atmosphere in order to be academically productive. If you’re struggling with a roommate who listens to TV out loud/without headphones or Facetimes their friends obnoxiously while you are trying to study, there is a solution! Try finding a seclusive and private study spot on campus. Libraries, unoccupied study spaces in school buildings, and quiet coffee shops are all good options; I feel more productive when I’m not in my room, anyway. If this isn’t your cup to tea, just say something to your roomie and she will probably be happy to placate.

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