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Increase in College “Sugar Babies”

We’ve all joked about responding to the old guys in our Insta DMs or selling a few feet pics for some extra cash. I mean college is pretty damn expensive, you know. However, having a real-life sugar daddy is far more common than I ever thought.


According to SeekingArrangement, the most popular website used to connect sugar babies and sugar daddies, 2.7 million US college students and 4.7 million worldwide are using sugar daddies to “avoid student debt and secure a better future.” In fact, there is even a specified platform for college students through SeekingArrangement called “Sugar Baby University.” This website is widely-used because it aids in the process of monetized dating, meaning there is an explicit financial agreement between both parties.


Image credit: http://www.hannahfrancesmccreesh.com/2017/05/seekingarrangement-com-glorified-escorting.html


Having a sugar daddy doesn’t have to mean sex. At the end of the day, these daddies are seeking company more than anything else. This can be done through phone calls, dinners, attending events, etc. Only when it is consensual do these relationships progress physically. Having a sugar daddy can truly range from a paid mentor-mentee relationship to sexual intimacy, depending on what you’re looking for.


The number of college students participating in such activities is continually on the rise because, quite frankly, they’re making bank. The website proudly advertises: “College Sugar Babies receive an average $3,000 per month… Don’t waste precious study hours at a minimum wage job. Connect with generous benefactors on SeekingArrangement.com.” Another example in Business Insider cites that an MBA student at Michigan State University has received $90,000 so far towards education-related costs.


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Many sugar babies will admit the most difficult part of being in this business is the stigma. The common stereotype is that sugar babies are slutty, immoral, and troubled. People hear sugar daddy and think prostitution, but that is no longer the case. On any given college campus, there are many sugar babies around you– just regular students. 

Image credit: https://www.bravotv.com/personal-space/college-girls-sugar-babies





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