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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KU chapter.

As a self-described chronic to-do lister, I have made quite the amount of lists in my day.  I make lists for everything- groceries, homework, things I need to write, what I need to clean.  Everything.  My lists are what keep me on top of everything, and I know it’s the same for many people.  But what exactly makes a good to-do list?  

1.    Give it a date

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One of the things that I’ve found most helpful in making my to-do lists is giving them a date.  After you’ve given your lists a date, you’ve basically told yourself that you’re going to address everything on that list by the time that range of dates is over.  For example, I usually have a school week list and a weekend list.  Even though it can be hard to have enough discipline to stick to it, it’s that dedication to your lists that will keep you productive.    

2.    Color code img credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/BLpSnJHjqB7/

If there’s one thing that everyone can appreciate, it’s a good color code scheme.  You know, there’s a reason we’re all obsessed with bullet journals and study blogs- it’s satisfying.  This is a great opportunity to treat yourself!  Head on over to your local paper store and find their selection of colored pens.  Pick out a few colors you love and you’re set!  For me, blue is homework, teal is writing, and pink is for chores.  This way, you can tell just at a glance what kind of work you need to do.  

3.    Have fun with it!

img credit: https://www.homecynhome.com/2017/08/my-bullet-journal-update.html

Just because you’re doing work doesn’t mean it needs to be boring!  The best advice I can give to anyone hoping to make a good to-do list is to enjoy it.  Maybe play around with different fonts, or give your day a color scheme.  If you’re artistic, do a little doodle in the corner of the page.  If you’re not, you can always add some stickers or washi tape.  Really, it’s your journal after all, so it should be an expression of you.