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How an Independent Girl Knows She’s in Love

While I am a firm believer of the saying, “you’ll know when you know,” here are 5 more signs that an independent girl is in love:

1. Doesn’t mind when he drives

The overwhelming sense of control that comes with driving yourself around  is inherently part of an independent girl’s personality. So, when she allows her S.O. to have that control, it means a lot. She is basically saying, “I trust you.”

2. Actually listens when he tells her she’s wrong

Independent girls have a knack for being stubborn. If she is admitting she has made a mistake, then you know she truly values that relationship.

3. Enjoys spending time with him more than anyone else

Alone time is a necessity for independent girls. However, when it’s time to engage with another human being, he is the first person on her mind. Going to the grocery store can become just as fun as dinner and a movie as long as she is with him.

4. Doesn’t need to keep up an appearance

For the rest of the world, independent girls try to appear like Superwoman. For him, she can let her guard down, and admit she’s not always perfect or put together like she wants to be. She lets him see her flaws, and isn’t embarrassed about it either.

5. Cries in front of him

Whether she’s sobbing from the end of A Beautiful Mind, in middle of period week, or maybe just a tad bit “hangry,” she allows him to see it all - and he embraces it!


Maddie is a freshman at the University of Kansas studying Psychology and Philosphy. Maddie is originally from Chicago but most recently lived in a small town of southern Illinois. While she has ambitions to pursue a Ph.D in Counseling Psychology after her undergraduate, Maddie is passionate about both reading and writing poetry. Maddie loves pizza, Italian greyhounds, and spending time with her friends and family. 
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