How to Handle F*** Ups

I am sure we have all felt like the world is going to end over a simple mess up before. I know I tend to get upset with myself and frustrated easily (which I ABSOLUTELY hate) but it is so easy to put so much weight on ourselves over the smallest things.


Last year, I made a big decision that turned out to be a big mistake. I don’t really feel the need to go any more in depth about it because it doesn’t really matter at this point; it was the realizations I had from it that are important to me now.


Regardless though, since then, I have spent the majority of my time thinking about and wondering why things happened the way they did and kicking myself thinking how it could've been any different. Now, I see how unhealthy this was.


But the things with mistakes are that they exist. They happen and there’s nothing you can do about it for the most part. What I’ve really learned and continue to learn while going through life is you’ve got to be able to learn from all your mistakes and everything you experience. There are things to remember when accidents happen as well. As a girl who has accepted her faults and can speak from experience, try to remember these things.


Nothing is permanent.

What we do, how we feel is not here forever. There will be days you thrive and days you wonder how you made it that far, but no matter what, the sun rises. It’s funny, though, how we seem to think negative stages in our lives are bound to last longer than the positive ones. It doesn’t seem very fair to ourselves that we think that way. I would hope we all think we deserve to be happy and full of joy, but still, we all seem to think when things go well, it’s automatically “too good to be true.” With that being said, no matter the position or place or situation you’re in, it’s not going to last forever. You get to decide what to do with that knowledge whether it be to 1) hold onto the moment as long as you can or 2) use it as a way to get through a tough time.

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You are human.

Kind of redundant, but sometimes it’s like we need to be reminded of this. We are going to f*dge up, and that’s okay. It’s in our DNA. You’re not the first one to make a mistake and you definitely won’t be the last. It’s really alright if you can’t be 100% all the time. And how fun would life be if you were? Honestly, if you think about it, most mistakes are only mistakes because we perceive them that way. It’s all in how you react to the cards you’re dealt.

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Today, I’m coping with my mistake and fixing it piece by piece, but I always have to remind myself to stay honest with myself. I can guarantee you I won’t make such a large decision so quickly and impulsively like I did last year, and that’s good enough for me because at least I’m learning from it. I’m 18 years old and I’m supposed to be making mistakes and learning from them at this age. It’s not the biggest deal in the world that I don’t know 100% what I want my life to look like and that’s okay!

Just keep in mind: life is all over the place and nothing is certain.