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How to get your mind off of *Current Events*

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KU chapter.

It’s been a bad week. It’s important to mourn and fight and plan, but sometimes, it’s just nice to get your mind off things. Here are my best ideas:

Take your dog on a walk

Endorphins are good. So are dogs. Bonus: play Christmas music.

Reread Harry Potter

Or another all-time favorite from youth. The first two HP books are especially good for reliving a simpler time.

Decorate for Christmas

Or Hannukuh, or any other holiday coming up that gives you joy. I, for one, had my Christmas tree up on November 9th.

Watch feel-good movies

I watched How To Be Single the other night and didn’t think about ***current events*** for a solid two hours. Other ideas: Disney movies, Christmas movies, Spongebob Squarepants, etc.

Do Yoga

I am not a yogi. I felt like I wanted to die for the entirety of the class I went to on Wednesday, but at least I wasn’t able to think about other things!


Don’t forget to address the very real and pressing emotions you may feel this week. But also don’t forget that you’re allowed to take care of yourself, and sometimes you just need a break.

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Libby Flood is in her final year of study at the University of Kansas, where she is pursuing degrees in History and Journalism. In addition to writing for Her Campus, she serves as an Ambassador for KU's Office of Study Abroad and recently spent two months completing an internship at the Centre for Investigative Journalism in London, United Kingdom. Her favorite things include travel, her dog and Pinot Grigio. To see her complete portfolio or to find contact information, visit www.libbyflood.com. Follow on Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin