How to be a Minimalist in College

College is a weird time. Especially, your first year. You are on your own, probably for the first time, no one’s there to tell you what to do, and you aren’t quite in debt yet. I’ve always lived in a small space and have strived for minimalism (and no that doesn’t mean tidy and clean). Here are some tips on being a minimalist while in college.

First, it’s okay to borrow things. It’s really likely you have one or more roommates and it makes no sense for everyone you’re living with have their own pans and other kitchen stuff. Set down rules between you to treat things with respect and to clean up their own messes.

Walk, cycle, or bus everywhere possible. A car is nice to have but the expenses rack up quickly. Learn to cook your own food. A gym membership is a luxury, exercise is just as effective in your own home. You can cut down on a lot of expenses you don’t even think about spending if you make the effort.

Don’t feel the need to decorate your dorm or apartment to reflect your ‘personality’ or even decorate at all. You’ll spend too much money on cute bedding or non-functional wall decorations that you won’t like in a year or two. You don’t have to prove who you are through your room. So, don’t spend the money like it is.