Houston: New Sports Capital of the US?

I just have to say, I am beyond thrilled for the future of Houston sports. Being a Texans fan, it was hard to watch the disappointing NFL season that led Houston to ranking at the very bottom of the league. The Texans along with the other Houston-based teams have had somewhat of a rough patch recently. However, things are starting to look up.

Photo credit via abcnews.go.com

First of all, the Houston Texans had the #1 pick in the NFL draft this year, in which they gained defensive end, Jadaveon Clowney, from the University of South Carolina. The incredible amount of talent between Clowney and his teammate, former Defensive Player of the Year, JJ Watt, is unbelievable. Houston’s defense this year will have all the other teams shaking in their cleats. And hey, as we saw last year, defense wins Super Bowls, so they all should be worried.

As for the Houston Rockets, they’ve been taking major headlines during this free agency period. It’s pretty safe to say, the talent on their team is about to skyrocket as well. Houston is waiting on the decision of three major players:

#1: Lebron James:

Photo credit via getpantheon.com

Yes, that’s right; Houston has their eyes on King James. But, of course, so does everyone else. This one is kind of a long shot for the Rockets at this point. But hey, anything can happen.

#2: Carmelo Anthony:

Photo credit via houstonsportsfocus.com

Carmelo Anthony- another big name who’s NBA future is still up in the air. Houston is very serious about this one as they hung pictures featuring Anthony in a #7 Houston Rockets jersey around the arena on his visit. This caused a pretty big controversy considering the current #7, Jeremy Lin, is still on the team-unless of course, Anthony decides to go to Houston. Not the most respectful decision on Houston’s part, but hopefully it pays off.

#3 Chris Bosh:

Photo credit via miamiherald.com

If Lebron and Carmelo Anthony both choose other paths, there is another likely prospect for the Rockets. There seems to be a little bit of a pattern with Houston’s interests. Houston plans to create their own “Big 3” with Dwight Howard, James Harden…..and Chris Bosh?? Maybe. No matter what, it seems that the new “Big 3” is Houston’s major goal, whether they end up with one of Miami’s “Big 3” or not.

I am so excited to see what happens for these upcoming seasons for the Houston Texans and the Houston Rockets to see what the city will bring to these leagues. If things go as they are looking now, Houston may become the new sports capital of the US.