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First, before you read this article, watch this short commercial.

What did you think? I saw this commercial during my Journalism class, and it was really heartwarming. Because I know I am certainly one of those people who don’t like to be taking pictures when they don’t look great. I am sure some of you reading this article would think you are one of those women in the video.

When I think back to my childhood, I realize how I loved being in front of a camera. My parents have a stack of video tapes of me playing on the playground with friends, dancing and singing. It’s weird to watch those videos because I feel like I am watching this random kid laughing and playing around, but that kid is actually me. I always think, ‘Wow, Is that really me?’ because it’s just hard to imagine that I was that active and not shy in front of a camera.

Nowadays, I worry about my physical appearance so much that I edit my photos to look better. I like taking pictures but I want to make sure that I look okay. I am conscious about how I look. Sometimes I don’t like standing in front of cameras because I don’t look the way that I want people to see me. I always look at pictures of celebrities and praise how beautiful they are and how skinny they are. You can see me worshipping their thigh gaps and thin calves. Some days I get so motivated that I would skip dinner and just imagine myself looking like those celebrities (of course, I regret it within few hours because I get so hungry). Sometimes I would go on Tumblr and start searching for pictures of people who are skinny and pretty, save all those photos and set them as my phone background. As we grow older, we become more and more conscious through media and people around us that it is hard to see out beauty.

I don’t mean that you stop caring about how you look. It is great that you care about how you look and you want to look the best. Wearing makeup and dressing nice is not a bad thing. But my point is that you are beautiful the way you are and you shouldn’t think that you have to wear makeup or lose weight to look beautiful. Because there is so much more in you that makes you beautiful in every way.

I think we should all know that we are beautiful. You don’t need anything to make us look better. Think this is too cheesy? But it’s true. You are beautiful the way you are. And you all should know that.

I hope this was a good reminder for you all to realize how beautiful you are. I can’t say this enough. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

 Minseon Sunny Kim is a sophmore at the University of Kansas majoring in Strategic Communication and Finance. She is interested in fashion, graphic design, technology, and social media. She would love to work for an advertising agency or fashion magazine one day.
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