Handling a "We regret to inform you..." Letter

At some point in your life, you will probably open a letter that contains the words, "I regret to inform you that..." from a college, specific program, scholarship, internship, job, or the like that you have applied for. 

The stages a lot of people go through after receiving a letter of this nature are similar to the ones you go through after a hard break up. I've listed these stages as well as my advice on how to move past them:

Stage one: Anger

Possible thoughts:

"How could they reject me?"

"I worked so hard on that application!"

"I am so perfect for that (insert whatever you applied for). I deserved to get it."

"Whatever, I don't need them anyway!" 

Mood Music: "So What"- Pink

How to handle this stage: Try to stay calm. If you really need to channel your anger, try writing a letter to whoever rejected you, but don't send it to them. Just let out all of your thoughts, then throw it away. 

Stage Two: Depression

Possible thoughts:

"What am I going to do now?"

"Why did I even try?"

"I wanted this so badly."

"I'm never getting out of bed to do anything ever again."

Mood Music: "Wrecking Ball"- Miley Cyrus 

How to handle this stage: Call your best friend. Have her come over to share a bottle of wine or a jar of Nutella (or both, no judgment). Talk to her about it - you will probably feel better by the end of the night.

Stage Three: Picking Yourself Back Up

Possible thoughts:

"Well...this sucks, but I can move past it."

"I really need to get out of this bed."

"Time to find my plan B."

"Goodbye sweatpants, hello shower."

Mood Music: "That's Life"- Frank Sinatra

How to handle this stage: Come up with a list of productive things you can do with your day - it doesn't have to be anything major.

Stage Four: Find your next Plan of Action

Possible Thoughts:

"If I just do ____ differently, I might get it. I should try again."

"I'm gonna keep exploring my options, maybe I'll find something even better."

"I CAN do this."

Mood Music: "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)"- Kelly Clarkson 

How to handle this stage: Soak it in, embrace your awesome and look at your rejection as a blessing in disguise. You 're on your way to finding the place you truly belong.



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