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This Halloween: Think Grande (every ariana grande you can be for halloween)


If you know Deema, you know she is very much in awe and in love with the angel human that is Ariana Grande, and her heavenly voice. (her entire discography makes my heart so happy:,)

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It dawned upon me this October that I have never been @arianagrande for Halloween,  and as soon as I began to consider dressing up as the incomparable queen herself, something else dawned upon me. I had a choice to make.


Which Ariana Grande should I be for Halloween??

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Ariana is the perfect pop culture related costume because her style is so distinct. From her music videos to her everyday looks, stage and street style, – we eagerly anticipate the next adorable combo of knee high boots, oversized t-shirts and hoodies, and of course, the iconic ponytail.


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That being said, even for such a distinct style, Ariana delivers a variety of iconic looks, proving that alongside her angelic vocals, limitless talent, and embracing heart, Ariana’s mere presence is the gift that keeps on giving. :,) 

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That being said, please enjoy a few of my favorite Ari looks and potential costumes. (I say a few because if I don’t limit myself we could be here reading this article until next Halloween… oopsy.)



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  • Problem

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You got 99 problems, but having an adorable Ari costume this Halloween won’t be one. ;) This whole music video is so fun and memorable because of its retro theme, editing, and outfits!! 


Ariana’s main black and white outfit seen on the cover art is adorable, sleek, and even if someone is unfamiliar with the outfit, doubles as the perfect “retro girl” costume. All you need are the white thigh high boots, and you got one less problem cutie. ;)


→ You can DIY this outfit with black and white duct tape using this tutorial, or purchase a costume basically identical to it here!


  • Break Free

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This is the part when I-  obsess over one of my favorite music videos of all time. Break Free is so fun, and the music video’s intergalactic theme and plot line of Ari rescuing aliens is just so fun?? And genius?? 


This look may be harder to recreate, but provides good inspiration for an out of this world costume idea- pun very much intended. (Plus, the make-up in this music video would be so much fun to recreate, oh my gOsh.)


→ You can watch a video on how to recreate Ari’s purple Break Free outfit, her make-up look, & hair here!


  • Yours Truly Era: Ariana

Image Credit: We Heart It


Throwing it back a little bit not to a certain video, performance, or song, but rather: an era. Fans that have been here since Ariana’s debut album, “Yours Truly”, recall the iconic style of this era. 

Ariana’s Instagram and street style at the time entailed skater skirts, crop tops, half-up half-down curls, pumps, and pLenTy of cat ear headbands.


Image Credit: MTV



Image Credit: Giphy


→ This look is definitely easier to achieve with items you may already have in your closet, but it may take a true Ariana stan and people more familiar with the evolution of pop culture to get it right away. Nonetheless, I love the way this costume is so nostalgic and adorable. ;)


  • No Tears Left to Cry


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Remember when Ariana disappeared for months to work on the masterpiece of an album that is Sweetener, and we somehow survived? Yeah, I’m not sure how we did either. Despite her missed social media presence at the time, the music was well worth the wait for the “Sweetener” era. Ariana graced us with the anthem that is “No Tears Left to Cry”, and with it, a silver, nearly white hair color and low pony moment, that only the queen herself could look so adorable in ever so effortlessly. 


→  My favorite look from this video is the black and white polka dotted dress, with the thigh high black boots, umbrella, and low pony. (As long as you are not indoors with your umbrella open this Halloween, I think having a prop makes the look that much more fun.)


→  Just get the silver (or is it platinum? white? i? don’t? know?)  wig and you are set.


  • 7 Rings



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The 7 rings video is pink. Very pink. We are very okay with that. 7 rings could be a fun group costume, as Ari’s real life support system of empowering women (her best friends aka the other 6 owners of Tiffany’s rings!!) make up the cast of this video.



Image Credit: Giphy


→ Sporting all hot pink ensembles, the high pony, lots of bling, and obviously lots of rinGs, this costume and all of these looks are fun and extra because the more glam- the better.


You see this look? You like it? You want it? You got it. 


  • You Ain’t My (Boyfriend) 

Image Credit: Giphy


Even if he ain’t your boyfriend, you can still be Ari from this summer’s iconic Boyfriend video with Social House. This video is one of Ari’s funniest with the upfront and honest depiction of jealousy, but ironically entails one of her classiest and most sophisticated looks.


→ Any blazer, or pant suit look would be perfect for recreating this! Dress it down like Ari does with a cropped tank top under, add the sunglasses, feathers, and shoes to complete one of my favorite Ari looks. :,)


Though every Ari outfit is iconic, I have saved one of the best for last.

The Ariana Grande I have decided to be this Halloween.

The most icOnic Ariana Grande that comes to mind.


  • NYC Street Style Ari. 


Image Credit: People


→ This Halloween I will be sporting this yellow hoodie, extension pony, lollipop in hand, but Pete Davidson not in the other because we said thank you, next (next). 


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God is a woman and her name is Ariana Grande. 

Go grande or go home everyone.

Hi, I'm Deema! I'm a junior at the University of Kansas majoring in Marketing with a minor in Psychology. I love writing about my feelings and everything I'm passionate about here as a writer & President of HCKU! I enjoy all things fashion, makeup, mental health, and music related -especially my queen, @arianagrande.
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