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Five College Fashion Week Trends from Primark’s Show

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at KU chapter.
  • Lots of Caramel Outerwear

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Who doesn’t love a good fun outerwear piece?  I know I’m a huge fan of a non-beige outerwear, and Primark’s fashion show agrees.   Primark brought us all sorts of caramel outerwear looks, many of them paired with cream or white accents.  Take note, ladies, because I can sense that 2018 will be the year of the fun colored outerwear. 

  • Accessories (Scarves & Hats)

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Pull out your old plaid scarves and hats, because this year we’re big on accessories.  Primark’s fashion show gave the audience multiple fun ensembles including loads of accessories, from cross-body purses to berets to scarves and more.  Screw the “accessorize and take one away” rule, because this year, accessories are meant for showing off. 

  • Overalls

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Even though I haven’t personally been a fan of overalls in the past, I adored the looks that Primark was serving us during their fashion show.  Yes, this includes their looks with overalls.  I have found overalls to look too childish for years, but Primark proved me wrong with their overall looks.  They were sophisticated and chic without looking childish or boring.

  • Fall Florals

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This is a trend that I’ve been trying to copy all season, but I just haven’t found anything that I’m in love with yet.  However, Primark changed that with the fall florals that they included in their fashion show.  These fall florals were simple; they sent the message without buying a megaphone and screaming “FALL!” in your face.  That’s exactly what I am looking for in a fall floral. 

  • Blazers

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Blair Waldorfs of the world are rejoicing everywhere because blazers are back.  Primark showed us that there are plenty of ways to style a blazer without looking stuck up or too professional.  I, for one, am all aboard this new “casual blazer” train.