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The First Showdown

The highly anticipated first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump occurred late Sept. 26.  As expected, many tuned in for the spectacle and social media has been abuzz all week.

According to a NBC News poll, the majority of voters believe Hilary Clinton won the first presidential debate.  Various news outlets support this, though she won by a thin margin.

This debate has been a long time coming for many voters.  Early on, it was clear that attention to time and procedure would not be paid.  Trump repeatedly spoke over Clinton, and they went back and forth on topics for more than the given time.  Many found their exchange to be entertaining, while others felt pure shame.

Some believed Clinton seemed too rehearsed at times, especially in her response to race issues in the United States.  But she maintained eloquence and poise throughout the debate, despite being beraded by Trump at almost every turn. 

Trump has been majorly criticized for his ill-preparedness and behavior throughout the debate.  He interrupted Clinton and moderator Lester Holt countless times, all the while insisting his “temperament” was one of the best to be seen.  He danced around questions and would often resort to twisiting them in order to say something negative about Clinton.

Justin Kim, a junior at KU, was elected this past spring as a Democratic National Convention delegate.  He attended the DNC in July and has steadily followed Clinton on her campaign.  For Kim, the debate strengthened what he already knew. 

“The debate solidified much of what many people has assumed about both candidates… Donald was condescending, easily distracted, and ill prepared.  Hillary showed the she was incredibly competent and prepared for the job and capable f standing her ground against a bully.”

(Insert quote/paragraph from Garrett Miller – KU Student – who, according to his Facebook page, is the Regional Field Director for the group Students for Trump)

Many in Lawrence took it upon themselves to have fun with the debate.  Certain actions caught the attention of the Lawrence Police department, who then reminded LFK via twitter to stay mindful and safe.

Clearly, the next few weeks leading up to election day will be chalk full of commentary from both sides.  This will be without a doubt the most talked about election for generations. 

Photos: NBC News and Lawrence PD’s Twitter

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