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Finals Week As Told By Les Miserables

It’s finals week and I know that everyone is feeling the stress. What better way to represent the feelings toward this coming week than through these Les Miserable gifs?

  1. When you are presenting your group project to the class.
  1. When you feel as though you’re doing your final assignment all wrong.
  2. When the annoying girl in your class smacks her gum too many times during the test.

      4. The night before your biggest final

    5. When you have the final in front of you

   6. When you realize that you answered a question wrong on a test

   7. When someone asks you if you could help them with the material

     8.The feeling on the last day of finals


   9. When you decide to give up on studying



    10. Realizing that you made it through the semester

     11. When you don’t get the grade you expected.

With all that being said, I hope that everyone has a good week.  Remember that one test doesn’t define who you are.  Relax, take a deep breath, make sure that you take study breaks here and there to keep your mind clear and don’t forget to be a social human being.  Spending a little time with friends before this stressful week will help keep you sane and help you remember that your life is not all about tests. 

Blue Valley West graduate of 2014. I am an avid golf player. I also enjoy playing the cello and singing in my spare time. I am hoping to major in social work and work with foster kids
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