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Finals Week as Told By Disney

When you realize finals are only a week away.

And instead of studying like you should, you just want to drink all of Stop Weekend.

When your friend tells you you’re going to fail if you don’t stop goofing off.

But when you even try to look at something, you realize she might be right.

Then you decide you’re really going to start studying.

But then your friend realizes you drank eight cups of coffee in two hours.

Then you get to your first final.

But you actually might not have failed.

And you realize you’re only two more tests from being done.

And you call your mom to tell her you think you’re going to pass everything.

But then you go to your next final and realize nothing you studied was on it.

So you decide to complain to your teacher about her study guide.

But oh well! It’s your last test! You made it!

And when it’s over your first reaction is

But then you’re like…

And now you’re ready for summer!




Laura Lyndall Fagen is a junior at the University of Kansas majoring in Strategic Communications and Theater. She is a Big Sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters and loves all things volunteering.
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