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It’s the second week of school, and I don’t know about you, but I am ready for fall. It’s so hot out and it’s hard to even think when sweater weather is just around the corner. I love everything about fall. The weather, the changing color of the leaves on the trees, candles, fall movies and shows such as Gilmore Girls and Harry Potter, but what I love the most is the fall fashion. Cozy sweaters, boots, oranges and browns, I could go on.

From scrolling on pinterest and tiktok, I can tell the fall fashion trends this year are going to be phenomenal. Here are some of the trends I have noticed and that you may see around campus very soon. 

1. Trousers

vintage fashion by @ minnahigh on instagram

Don’t get me wrong. I love a mom jean every now and then but trousers are so chic and they’re so comfy. I can already see myself slipping on some trousers while being so comfy but also looking professional and right out of an academia style Pinterest board. From neutral colors such as khaki, browns, black, and white to more vibrant colors that can make your outfit pop such as oranges, red, and greens, trousers can be paired with any sort of top.

2. Corset Tops


This was predictable. I’ve already seen plenty of people wearing corset tops around campus, at parties, and on Mass Street. Corset tops are undoubtedly gorgeous. They hug your body so well and can even be worn with some basic jeans. Urban Outfitters has a great collection. Make sure you get them while you can cause this is already a trend and will definitely continue in the fall. 

3. Leather


Leather can be the one missing component of your outfit this fall. We saw a little bit of the oversized leather jackets last year and not only will those be coming back but leather vests, leather pants, leather tops, leather loafers, and more will be joining them again this fall. I, personally, cannot wait.

4. Long Skirts

maxi floral skirt e1663618502955

I know, I know. This was too predictable. Long/midi skirts have already been around for a while now. We’ve been seeing them a lot lately and they are here to stay. Honestly, I’m glad that these will be staying a little while longer. I absolutely love this trend. 

5. Navy blue

download 2

Now, hear me out. Navy blue sweaters and jackets with a white tee and mom jeans. Dark, navy blue denim jackets and jeans. Even I didn’t even see this coming but expect to see this around campus this fall, and maybe even a little bit into winter. 

You may have seen some of these trends coming. Maybe you didn’t expect any of these trends. Either way, don’t let trends dictate what you wear. If you absolutely hate navy blue, or trousers, or even corset tops, don’t feel the need to fall into line with these just because you want to be trendy. Being original is just as cool, if not probably cooler. Trends are fun to play with but they’re never a requirement. I’ve said it before (probably way too many times) but I cannot wait for fall. 

Hi! I'm a freshman at KU studying psych and art history. I love to write about fashion, health, and music!