Fall Date Ideas That Aren’t Basic Af

Fall is nearly officially upon us, and if you haven't been out into society, it's "spooky season". Prepare for the ghosts, goblins, and pumpkin crafts/treats galore. Also, hello, as the temperature becomes chilly, it's time to snuggle up with your significant others. So who wants to be your bf/gf for the next four months? 

When you do find someone to spend your autumn nights with, avoid basic fall dates such as skipping through pumpkin patches and having a horror movie marathon. Try these unusual date ideas instead to spice up your season. 


Play Dress Up in Stores.

Fall fashion is here, and the stores will be having new wardrobes coming in and out. Head to the store with your significant other and take turns in the dressing room, trying on things that you normally wouldn’t wear! And don’t forget to take lots of pictures, because an improv photoshoot will make it even more memorable.

Source: https://www.racked.com/2017/8/25/16158270/mirrorless-fitting-rooms-why 


Get a Mani/Pedi.

As fall and winter approaches, dry skin is real. The best way to help some of the most precious and dry body parts not fall prey to the season is to get a manicure and pedicure. And what better way to help your man show his vulnerable side? This is a season (and a lifespan) of reversing the effects of toxic masculinity. Show him that real men take care of themselves!

Source: http://salonyspagrace.com/pedicure-spa


Have an unusual genre movie marathon.

Don’t be basic af and watch another horror movie. Netflix and Hulu have tons of genres that aren’t as familiar to the general public. Criminal documentaries, Indies, historical films, parodies? Yes please! Take a risk and watch something unconventional. How many times have you watched “The Conjuring” anyways.

Source: http://dostoevsky-bts.com/blog/6-reasons-support-indie-film/


Attend a speech or event.

In a back-to-school college town, the events are just kicking off. Whether that be a small open mic night at the bar, a TED Talk, poetry slam, or a speech by a local professor or scholar, there are so many opportunities to hear something you wouldn't normally get the chance to. A quick Google search or call around town and you'll find all the information you need!



Read the same book and have a discussion (or read each other’s favorite book).

While this may be a busy and productive season of getting back to school work, take the time to get to know your significant other by reading their favorite book. At the end, write a short reflection about what you thought, and then discuss the characters, the plot, the way it was written. (Maybe this is only a fun date activity for writers, idk).

Source: https://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/2018/04/14/experts-suggest-book-reading...


Go to any other sporting event besides football.

Remember, the goal is to be not cliché this fall. Go watch some field hockey or women's volleyball. And yes, you can still tailgate if you're up for the challenge.



Bake something that doesn’t include cinnamon or pumpkin.

Sure, pumpkin bars, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin spice lattes are good, especially with whipped cream cheese frosting and a layer of cinnamon and.. (okay, maybe you should just go ahead and make something pumpkin. Just do it and pretend you didn’t.)

Source: https://keils.com/collection/dessert/?recipe_id=383432


So enjoy your fall, and if you end up eating pumpkin bars, I don't blame you. Just avoid the leaf raking and cider drinking at all costs.