Evidence that KU’s Squirrels are Just Like Its Students


The squirrels on campus are something else let me tell you. They are the perfect distraction as you’re packed in like a sardine on the 43 Red bus trying to make it to your most dreaded class. If you look out the window, you’ll most likely spot one or two squirrels participating in some squirrely shenanigans and I guarantee it will brighten your day. When you walk to class, you might find it beneficial to get your nose out of your phone and look around at the National Geographic level squirrels we have roaming around Jayhawk Boulevard. Our squirrels are unique just like our student body.  I have made a list, a list I’ve been mentally keeping, about the similarities between KU students and its population of tree rodents.


  1. They’re approachable. These guys get up close and personal. They approach you in such a close proximity, it seems unnatural for them as we’ve all learned we scare squirrels with our size and obnoxiousness. Nah, these squirrels might as well be starting a conversation with you and ask you: “Who do you know here?”
  2. They aren’t afraid to walk in front of cars. And neither are we. #freetuition
  3. KU’s squirrels fight more than two frat boys arguing over who’s Juul belongs to who. Entertaining as all get out, but it can get a little heated. Spread love my rodent friends!
  4. They also attend class. Sometimes in halls like Wescoe- especially in the lower levels- squirrels can appear behind random doors and crevices. It’s almost as if they want to take your classes for you. Please take my English 203 out of my hands squirrels, I’d gladly give you nuts in exchange.
  5. They’re hungry. It’s a sad day when some trees run outta nuts, so just like our starving and broke selves they know that Mrs. E’s doesn’t always cut it and then it turns into a manhunt for the cheapest food Lawrence has to offer. So these guys are also broke college students…right?
  6. And finally, they’re crazy. I’m talking girl who passed her chemistry test on Dollar Night crazy. But we’re all here for it because it’s funny to watch their actions and as time passes you wonder what they’ll surprise you with next.