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Disclaimer: All girls are anonymous.


Now, enjoy and try not to cringe too much.


  1. “One time me and this guy were in my basement and started to hook up while laying on the couch. All the lights were off so it was basically pitch-dark. After a couple minutes of making out, we both notice something really wet between us, almost like someone peed. So I stop, get up, and turn on the lights to see blood dripping down his nose all over his upper body and covering my neck and boobs as well. It looked like a scene out of a horror movie.”


2. “Last year, I was rebounding from a bad breakup and decided to hook up with a random guy I had just met at the bar. He was so hot and was on the baseball team. We were flirting all night, having an amazing time, and eventually went back to his apartment. We began to hookup, but once things started to escalate, he looked dead into my eyes and said “actually, I think I’m gay” and asked me to leave.”


3. “So this incident occurred right after I just started dating this guy, probably only a month of two of dating at the time. I was at his apartment and got up to pee before having sex. Because we’re in college and always broke af, he had very low quality, 1-ply toilet paper. I thought nothing of it and returned to his bed. Just as I crawled into his arms, he pulled a long piece of toilet paper out of my butt cheeks. I seriously will never, ever live that down.”


4. “I was straddling a guy while hooking up and we were laying down on a bed. He grabs my ass a little harder than I expected, and I accidently farted. Very loud. Literally in between his fingertips. And the worst part was that I started laughing, like tears rolling down my face laughing. I was so extremely uncomfortable that I couldn’t stop laughing or get a hold of myself. Meanwhile, he was just laying there looking at the ceiling, probably begging God to make me stop. Anyway, I never talked to him again because I’m so embarrassed.”


5. “One night, my boyfriend and I snuck out to our local waterfall one night to hook up, just to cross it off the bucket list. We started having sex right there in the grass, little did we know my boyfriend’s dad was tracking his phone and on his way to figure out why his son is in the middle of a forest. After short while, his dad shows up and sees us. We both cover ourselves with the piles of clothing around us, while he starts yelling at us about how we can get arrested for public nudity.”


Hello! I'm nineteen years old and from a suburb outside Chicago, IL. In my free time, I like to read and write, play with makeup, and spend time with my friends. On the KU campus, I'm majoring in the Strategic Communications side of Journalism with a minor in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. I'm also a member of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority. I hope you have as much fun reading my articles as I do writing them :)
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