Dos & Don'ts for Sorority Recruitment

Going into sorority recruitment can be really difficult when you don’t know what to expect. Take it from someone who has gone through it, the process seems far more intimidating and intense than it really is. Following these simple dos and don’ts will ensure that you will be better prepared for your recruitment experience.


DO - trust the process

I promise you will hear people say this the whole recruitment week (and it will likely becoming really annoying) but in the end, you will see how important it is to trust the recruitment process. Recruitment is a mutual selection process, meaning you choose the chapter and they choose you too, so you will end up where you’re supposed to be even if you don’t know it yet.


DO - present yourself as who you really are

Majority of the days, you have the freedom to wear whatever you like. You should take this liberty to express who you really are and NOT who you want to be perceived as. If you never wear makeup, show off your natural beauty and if you like to wear a full face of makeup everyday, cake your face like a queen. The goal here is present yourself like who you truly are.

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DO - look around at the other PNMs towards the end of the week

It’s important to not only pay attention to the sorority girls, but also the PNMs (potential new members) around you. These girls could potentially be your sorority sisters if you pledge that chapter and it is also a good representation of the type of girls that sorority wants.


DON’T - base your opinion about a chapter by one girl

One of the best experiences during recruitment is finding a girl that you really like. This can be a sign that you would be a great fit in the house. . . but sororities are composed of a wide variety of girls. Just because you vibe with one girl doesn’t mean you’ll have the same feelings towards everyone else. Try and base your decision off of many things and many people.

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DON’T - give a shit about top houses

Do yourself a favor and ignore all comments about which houses are cool or considered to be “top.” The point of recruitment is to find lifelong friends and a place where you belong (yes, I am aware that sounds totally cliche). If you are joining a sorority with hopes of being popular/joining a top house, you really shouldn’t go through recruitment.

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DON’T - “chapter chat”

And here’s another saying you will hear over and over and over again throughout recruitment week. “Chapter chatting” is a term for talking about sororities with other people, and it is not allowed. As you would expect, many people indulge in chapter gossip behind closed doors. I would advise that you just don’t. Choosing a sorority is a very personal decision, and you shouldn’t be influenced or misled by other people.