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DIY: Cute Gifts Under $5

I don’t know about you all, but I’m always struggling to find great gifts to give friends, family and others during gift exchanges. Today, I’m going to tell you all some of my favorite, creative gifts on a college girl budget.

1. Canvases

You can either thank my sorority girl problems or my friends for this one, but canvases are some of the best gifts out there. With a little paint and a whole lotta love, you can easily create something that somebody will love forever!

2. Wine Glasses and Shot Glasses

I know a lot of people who like to do this. (AKA – HC KU girls!) Wine glasses can be found really cheap at craft stores, dollar stores and even Walmart. For the best look, I would recommend jewels, puff paint and maybe even a monogram!

3. Coffee Mugs

This is the best and cheapest gift I have found for just about everybody. Of course, you can easily just buy a really cute one, but it’s more fun to make them! What you can do it get a Sharpie and write whatever you want to on the mug and bake it for about 30 minutes.

4. Hand Painted Letters

I love doing this! It is actually extremely easy; you just buy a couple wooden letters and go to town. My favorite pattern to do is the Lilly Flowers, which are very popular here at HC KU!

5. Baked Goods

This is probably the most popular, yummiest gift you could give someone. When I can’t afford a bunch of cute gifts, I always bake cookies or brownies. They are easy, cheap and always please!

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Shelby is a senior here at KU. As well as being the Admin Director for Her Campus KU and a Chapter Advisor, she is involved in Student Senate and Alpha Delta Pi. Her obsession with Chipotle is never ending and she can make a mean chocolate chip cookie. Follow her on Twitter @shelsncheese and Instagram @shelbyostrom_
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